Monday, May 19, 2008


I don't mean to steal the thunder of the prior post, which is pretty funny so read it. But I've been meaning to mention this for a while and I don't want to forget again. If you are not from the New York area but enjoy following New York sports, I strongly suggest you go to WFAN is the local New York sports radio station and its got a lot of quality programming. Best of all, you can stream it for free from the website. I especially recommend you listen to Mike and the Mad Dog from 1 to 6:30 on weekdays.

One observation before I go: Last year, around September, October, when the Giants weren't doing so good, a lot of Giants fans would call up WFAN and whine about how Eli Manning had no fire, how he wasn't a leader, how he could never lead the team to a Super Bowl and how the Giants needed to get a new quarterback. Eli won the Super Bowl. Now everyone is calling to whine about how Willie Randolph has no fire and how he has to be fired so the Mets can finally start playing well. It just seems like a replay of the Giants drama. Mets fans, please shut up. It's May, we're not even at the all star break and you act like this team can't go on with Willie at the helm. Willie, except for last September, has been successful as the Mets manager. The worst is if the Mets turn it around, as the Giants did, I'll have to listen to the same jackasses call up and praise Randolph like they eventually did Manning. New York fans are smart, they know their teams, but my God are they emotional. They need to chill out and let the season be a little further under way before they start talking managerial changes. Just look at this last weekend. The Mets win two games and it goes from Willie won't last the weekend to his job is safe. It's a long season Mets fans, shut up for now.


TribeGirl said...

SWEET!!!! Thanks for the tip ~ I've heard of them but didn't know the info. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :o)

Oh yeah, and nothing personal against anybody here of course :o), but I have to agree with what you said about Willie and Eli. Quite frankly, alot of New York fans out there are really ridiculous, to use a mild word.

Unknown said...

Why should people listen to Mike and the Mad Dog? To hear wall-to-wall coverage of Joba's fist pump?

They get to interview people that the fans only dream of getting to talk to and then ask them pointless questions to which any more-than-casual Yankee fan already knows the answer. Hey, instead of asking questions like "So, what's the deal with Joba?" for the hundredth time, why not ask what Cash wants to do about the inability to hit lefties? Has the organization decided that Duncan and Ensberg aren't the answer? What about the fact that a team who usually leads the league in OBP in languishing at 9th or 10th in the league. What's going on there? Who are the AA/AAA pitchers to keep an eye on? What are they going to do about the glut of AAA starters blocking some other promising arms?

No, instead we hear about fist pumps and how the team's problem is a lack of fire and bunting.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

you hear about fist pumps b/c it generates calls. lots of calls. as stupid as it is, ppl like to talk about the fist pump. Frankly, most shows I've heard where the fist pump was brought up, it was the ppl calling in who wouldn't let it go. But that misses the point. Mike and the Mad Dog is about as good as sports radio gets. Go to other markets and listen to the drivel that passes for intelligent sports talk and you'll understand. They aren't going to ask about AAA pitchers b/c they are not a Yankees station, they talk pro sports generally and obviously they discuss the NY teams but to expect them to ask Cashman about the Trenton roster is a bit much.

Unknown said...

Why is it a bit much? Those are guys that figure into the MLB bullpen picture. Those are some of the pieces to the great who-replaces-Joba mystery (that I consider kind of irrelevant anyhow).

I just think that, when you have the GM on, you should have done enough homework to ask really probing questions instead of just re-hashing the same drivel again.

Do you regret not trading for Santana? Can you REALLY move Joba to the rotation? Is this team going to hit? Do you still believe in Hughes?

I've listened to a fair amount of Boston sports radio, and it's about the same. It's mostly dominated by callers and whatever will get callers to phone in. M&MD is no worse. That doesn't mean either one is good.