Monday, May 5, 2008

Off Days Suck.......For Us

Today was a long day at work, and unfortunately I don't have a Yankee game to blame my not going to the gym on this evening. That means I'm going to have to go, and I don't want to go. Off days suck, but I know for the players they are crucial. Being gone from their families for so long, I'm sure is really tough, and a day off could mean spending time with the kids, the wife, or if you're Jeter, assorted actresses.

There are a few interesting happenings going on right now, including the arrival of Kei Igawa. The question was asked in one of the comment sections if there was anyone else they could bring up in place of him. Its a valid question since Igawa has been less than inspiring in his time with the Yankees. Right now, he stands with a 3.86 ERA with a 3-3 record and 40 strikeouts in 39.2 innings in Triple A, issuing 12 walks. 12 walks to 40 strikeouts is not bad, and really, his propensity to walk hitters was really the big problem. Will Igawa throw strikes at the big league level? And if he does will those strikes get hit for homeruns? I suppose we'll have to find out.

Some of the other options include the following:

Triple A

Dan Giese - 1.35 ERA, 1-0 record, 23 strikeouts and 6 walks in 26.2 innings. He was moved to the rotation in Scranton.

Steven White - 3.21 ERA, 2-1 record, 29 strikeouts and 14 walks in 33.2 innings.

Double A

Chase Wright - 2.95 ERA, 4-1 record, 27 strikeouts and 9 walks in 42.2 innings.

Jason Jones - 2.19 ERA, 4-0 record, 16 strikeouts and 10 walks in 37 innings.

Daniel McCutchen - 2.33 ERA, 3-2 record, 39 strikeouts and 8 walks in 38.2 innings.

George Kontos - 3.52 ERA, 0-3 record, 22 strikeouts and 15 walks in 30.2 innings.

Alan Horne would have been an intriguing option at this point, but he's injured. I tend to shy away from the Double A guys unless they're absolutely dominant. We all know what happened when Chase Wright came up last year. Dan Giese has the best numbers, but do you really want him starting a game for the Yankees?

The Yankees have to give Igawa every chance to succeed. They have 4 more years and $16 million more dollars to pay out on top of the $26 million posting fee they already paid. If he can catch on and pitch a good season like Aaron Small did in 2005, then maybe they'll consider the contract worthwhile. Will he pitch as good as Small did in 2005? I have my doubts.


Unknown said...

i hear you. i used to be like that. off days really suck. all i did was to log in to some chat rooms.

i didn't know igawa was still around. he "must" be good.

Anonymous said...

i agree i really dont like the whole double a thing. if there is another option why not try it. but i would rather see igawa in the minors and working towards a possible return next year, so he can learn how to pitch in the majors. other than that, lets beat some people up this week and get a few wins.