Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lester's No-No

I have two observations to make about Lester's no-hitter. First, I have to wonder why it seems that, lately, only rookies throw no hitters. I am in no way a stat head and so I don't know if this is normal or a historical anomaly, but in the last three seasons we've seen three no hitters by rookies (Buchholz and Sanchez being the other two). Prior to tearing his Hamstring, Hughes had one going last year against the Rangers. I'm starting to wonder if the approach of the modern hitter has changed in some way so as to make unfamiliar pitching that much more difficult. We've seen it with the Yankees the last few years. Throw a AA pitcher at them who is mediocre at best and they can't muster a hit for the simple reason that they've never seen him pitch. In the 90s we saw two perfect games by veterans, now we're seeing no-hitters exclusively by rookies. Is there too much reliance on scouting? Too much reliance on video? What is it that seems to make unfamiliar hitting so much more difficult now-a-days, even for great offensive teams like recent years' Yankees?

Second, that is three no-hitters in three years by rookie pitchers developed by the Red Sox. Sanchez threw his for Florida but he came out of the Red Sox' farm system. I don't know if it's their scouting, or one of their minor league pitching coaches, but we need to poach whoever is responsible for developing these pitchers. As much as I love watching Kennedy miss the corners I'd rather see some no-hitters.

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TribeGirl said...

Lester's a true gangster in my book. A cancer survivor coming back to play major league baseball ~ that's a true hero. The no-hitter was just icing on the cake. I run marathons to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so this one is personal. Crap, he's beyond gangster...