Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yankees Acquire First Baseman

The Yankees completed a trade with the White Sox today, receiving Nick Swisher and Texeira (not that one, some pitcher), while the Sox received Betemit and a couple prospects I've never heard of, but whose mom's think they are really cool. Swisher can't hit but he can play first, and this may mean that the Yanks are out of the Texeira market. If that is the case Texeira is an Angel by tomorrow morning. If not, then he's a Yankee by tomorrow afternoon.

Sabbathia is probably trying to figure out how he's going to fit his new contract with the Yankees into his bank account. Tomorrow the bidding begins. Tomorrow night the Yanks will announce the signing of Sabbathia. That's just how it works people.

So who likes the Swisher trade?


Alex H said...

i didn't think it was a bad trade :) and i like the hawaiin that came over with Swish

Fred Trigger said...

Actually, this is a phenomonal trade for the yankees. Swisher had a down year last year, but it was based on bad luck more than anything. All of his power, walk , strikeout, and line drive % numbers were the same. He probably was just hitting the ball at people. I guarantee he is going to have a monster year next year, and they hardly gave up anything. You heard it hear first.

Just check out his normal numbers at baseball-reference. Those were in the cavernous ballpark in oakland, no less. Dont forget he can play center as well.

Anonymous said...

A phenomenal trade? Call me crazy but a guy who hits .219 isn't my idea of heaven. Especially if it means we're not getting Teixeira.

Fred Trigger said...

(Deep Sigh) Now I have to do some actual work. Okay, Crazy, lets see if I can get you on this bandwagon. Here are Swishers slash stats for his career.

250 .352 .417
236 .322 .446
254 .372 .493
.262 .381 .455
219 .332 .410

Okay, now here is his BB/K rate for those same years.

8 11
55 110
97 152
100 131
82 135

Small sample size in his first year aside. He has been really consistent with his production. Sure his batting average is low, but so is adam dunns. Swisher does what is important for an offense. he gets on base, and hits for power. Now keep in mind that the majority of his numbers have been accumulated in oakland, which, is a wasteland for hitters. I guarantee that those numbers will improve in the new yankee stadium. You are also forgetting that he is flexible defensively. Think of him as a poor mans texiera. I wanted to put more effort into this, but the pats are playing soon. Maybe tommorow.

Bucky7588 said...

I just plain don't get it. This is a good move AFTER you've offered Texiera all the money in the world and he turns it down, not before. I hope they'll still go after Texiera

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Ozzie plans to do with Betemit.
And what I want is "the Flyin' Hawaiian", Bronny Cash, not any random boy who happens to be Hawaiian.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I'll do an analysis of the deal tomorrow to take the responsibility of you Trig. It looks good at first glance but I'll look at the numbers closer.

Bucky, I thought the same thing, but I don't know if it automatically takes us out of the Teixeira runnings.

Mike Rook said...

If the Yanks want they can still throw a bag of Money at Tex and Swisher can play RF. There is no way he will be playing CF that would be a defencive downgrade. I think the Yankees will offer Tex 6 or 8 years but if It takes 10 years to get him Swish is your new first baseman.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

this could be a ploy to make ppl think the Yanks don't want Tex, then when his price goes down they can swoop in. more than likely, they're not interested in Tex. Why, you ask? Who knows. But it proly has something to do with Cash's perceived need to sign two free agent pitchers (I suspect Sabbathia and Lowe will be in pinstripes next year). IF Cano hits, and Swisher gets on base, and Posada stays healthy, offense won't be an issue and Tex won't be as necessary. At some point, I just don't think Cash is comfy with the idea of signing three big contracts (2 pitchers + Tex).

TribeGirl said...

"A poor man's Texeria" -- ha ha ha!!! Trig - that's a classic!!!

CashMoney said...

Bucky you could not be more wrong. Getting Swisher now gives the Yankees leverage against Boras. They don't appear desperate for Tex's services. Its a genius move because we traded replacement parts and got a starter, not to mention another minor leaguer who's 22 at AA and put up decent numbers. He will be another bullpen option in the future. Always good to stockpile arms for the pen. In CashMoney We Trust!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Is that you Bronny?