Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Stealing Illegal in Most States

I read this bizarre story involving former Yankee prospect Jose Tabata's wife and a stolen baby. According to the report, Tabata's wife, Amalia Tabata Pereira posed as an immigration official at a health department where an unsuspecting mother was bringing her daughter for a checkup. Amalia, who was going by the name of Janet, told her that there were immigration officers at their house and were going to deport them. She could help them, but she needed to take the baby. They drove to the farm where the father worked and Amalia told him the same story. They handed over the baby and now Amalia is in custody. Apparently she has a pretty long record of fraud and theft, and has gone by several aliases. So Tabata's wife is all sorts of crazy. Reports would seem to suggest that this is not the first time Tabata's wife has robbed the cradle. Amalia, who is 43, is married to Tabata who is 20. Zing! Okay now onto some baseball.

I watched the last couple innings of the spring training game last night when AJax hit the grandslam. Its a promising sign for him. We can't get too excited just yet since he still needs to get his time in triple A, but he seems to be progressing well.

Finding at bats for Swisher may not be as hard as it looks right now. For the month of April, sure, it may be a little difficult fitting him in, but injuries come, and we're not exactly stocked with the youngest position players in the world. I want Swisher to get at-bats because I think he can look more like the Swisher in Oakland and less like the Swisher in Chicago. After this season however, they really need to give him a fair shake at right field. The Yankees knew who was going to play right field from the moment they entered camp. If Swisher plays well in the time he's given, they should let him have right field for 2010, or they should trade him.


anonymous number two (ant) said...

Tabatha's wife might want to consider applying for swedish med school.

Roberto Alejandro said...

indeed. good swedish med school reference. I sense a new RJG trend.