Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Training Notes

-Alright, I know spring training is not over, but Gardner will be the centerfielder on opening day. I know his arm isn't as good as Melky's, but he's doing much better at everything else. The only thing that'll stop him is an injury, and even that might not be enough.

-Cody Ransom has earned that third base role while Alex is gone. Berroa's been doing well too, but the 60+ inch vertical jump may be the difference.

-Are the Netherlands on some sort of scoring ration? It seems like they won't score more than 2 runs unless its absolutely necessary, and even then they're all stingy.

-Ian Kennedy went 3 innings with 5 strikeouts and 0 earned runs. Not bad.

-Burnett pitched 4 perfect innings. He should save those for the regular season.

-Marte and Cano came back from the WBC with hurt shoulders. I suspect Marte was overthrowing, and Cano is probably feeling the soreness from missing all those Dutch pitches.

-Kei Igawa has pitched 6 scoreless innings this spring and has allowed just one walk. Who knows, maybe we can get some return on that investment.

-Jesus Montero hit a grandslam and drew a walk in two at bats against the Pirates. Austin Jackson also hit a homerun going 2-4 in that game. The future movement seems to be progressing well.

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Raven King said...

Hopefully Bronny Cash can trick the Blue Jays into trading Doc Halladay for Mr. Igawa.