Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reasons for Igawa's Dominating Spring

Anyone who has been following spring training has probably noticed that a Mr. Kei Igawa is pitching lights out. People need to understand how miraculous this is. This is akin to Pavano showing up healthy, or Giambi showing up sober. So far, Igawa has pitched 5 scoreless innings, allowing just 2 hits and striking out 4 and walking none. Igawa has done good in spring training before, so Cashman still can't assume he can use Igawa in a real game situation, but its a promising sign. Now the question remains, where is it coming from? Well, the Respect Jeter's Gangster blog has some theories.

1. Igawa used the off season to, well, train.
2. Instead of heavy cardio before pitching, Igawa now does heavy binging ala David Wells.
3. As pointed out by Raven, one of our loyal readers, Igawa has been possessed by the spirit of a better pitcher. Its still unclear which pitcher this is, but we can ascertain that he's at least better than Kei Igawa.
4. Igawa's old sun glasses were actually jedi laser training glasses. These glasses are completely dark so that you have to rely on the force to see the laser blasts. Likewise, Igawa relied on the force to throw strikes. Bad choice.
5. Igawa spent part of the off season with CC Sabathia, another part with Andy Pettitte, and yet another part with Suge Knight, his new life/pitching coach.
6. Igawa's underground horse fighting ring has really strengthened his left arm.
7. Igawa started missing the free champagne they serve on the Yankee team plane, after he spent the entire season eating complimentary animal crackers served on the Scranton team bus.
8. Igawa watched "The Rookie" twice a day daily throughout the off season. He cries every time.
9. Igawa stole some of Jeter's DNA last season, had Japanese scientists mix it with his, then made several radioactive spiders bite him, while training with vigilante ninja's and developing a fear for bats. It did wonders for his confidence.
10. Igawa's still Igawa. Its just spring training.

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