Saturday, March 7, 2009

Puerto Rico Better Than Panama

The great debate has been settled, Puerto Rico is better than Panama. Oh yeah, and the Netherlands far surpasses the Dominican Republic. The WBC is underway and we have already had some exciting baseball. The Netherlands upset the Dominican Republic in a close game in which Robbie Cano went 1-5. That's a big improvement on most of his games last season.

Puerto Rico defeated Panama 7 runs to nothing. The Panamanian team was stunned, and most of the players left the stadium crying and wishing to return home. It was a sad display, but it was a good win for Puerto Rico.


Ruthie said...

The U.S also beat mention that?why?.watched part of the game...peavy was on point for the most part..but i enjoyed the Dominican and Nederlands game the most today..was i the only one laughing her butt off while Team Nederland laid bunt after bunt towards migule tajada?? much as the players on the D.R team wanted to bitch about alex's show boating ways (useing his kids for a photo op? yuck), they sure did miss him at 3rd today.

(i so dont wanna make this bout a-rod, but if the story never leaked bout his steroids, do you think the vibe bout him being out for 10 weeks or playing through the pain would change? like i figure people in the D.R. would be pouring into the streets screaming "POR QUE!!", but i guess they are a bit disgrace by him?? i nono just was thinking bout dat =)

anonymous number two (ant) said...

AER opting for surgery. Out 6 - 9 weeks. We all know DJ would have opted to play out the season(dragging his immobile leg behind him).

TribeGirl said...

THANK GOD he's having surgery!!!! That being said - the WBC has been GREAT so far. I'm with Ruthie - I really enjoyed the DR/Netherlands game as well as the US/Canada game. What a great way to start off the baseball season after all the ARod and Manny crap!!! :o)

Roberto Alejandro said...

Big upset by the Netherlands. I follow the PR team and was struck by DR defeat so I wrote about those two games.

A-Rod having surgery is what's best for the team so I'm glad he's doing it now. No need to have him struggle just to put off the inevitable.