Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Baseball Thoughts

Here are some assorted baseball thoughts to start the week:

-With A-Rod having his surgery today, the Yankees look ready to move forward with Cody Ransom at third base for the beginning of the season. Not that the Yankees have much of a choice, but I think Ransom could prove to be more than a servicable back up.

-Angel Berroa is tearing it up in spring training as he hit two homeruns in yesterday's game against Detroit. Before A-Rod's surgery there didn't really look to be a spot for Berroa, but now that Ransom is taking over third base for the short term, Berroa can slide in as the utility infielder.

-It doesn't make sense to trade for a third baseman now.

-I was watching South Africa vs. Cuba yesterday, which the Cubans won 8-1. At one point in the game, a Cuban hitter took a big looping swing, and his bat came down on the catchers arm on the follow through. The pitcher then pegged the Cuban player. I thought it was a promising sign for baseball in South Africa.

-Phil Hughes came up big yesterday with 3 innings of scoreless, hitless baseball and 4 strikeouts. Burnett pitched as well.

-Is it just me, or is Kei Igawa really good this spring training?

-Joba may want to step it up if he doesn't want to losing his starting job to Mr. Hughes.

-Gardner is out playing Melky for the centerfield job.

-Jesus Montero has had 4 hits this spring training. Not bad for a guy who finished playing A-ball last season.

-If Nady and Swisher are competing for the right field job they don't seem to be aware of it. If we were to go by Spring Training stats alone, the right field job would either go to John Rodriguez or A-Jax. Lucky for them, spring training stats mean next to nothing.


cheshirecat9 said...

Another random thought: Cano has hardly been mentioned by anyone. I am hoping he has a great year. I like the idea of another home grown superstar on our roster. I refuse to have any more faith in Kei Igawa. Wasn't he also doing great in Scranton last year? Is he the highest paid minor leaguer in history?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Igawa's definitely up there. It must be nice being him.

As for Cano, since he's with DR right now there's not much to report. He's been kind of average in the two games he's played in.

Ruthie said...

OMG cheshirecat9! I love the home grown players too! I want cano to have a good season too./ I hope Joba steps it up!!! i love him to death, but he needs to remember who else is in that rotaion..when your with guys like Wang and Sabathia, you cant bring medeocricy to the mound!/ Yep..Gardner is definately pulling ahead..maybe a home run or two in the next coming games from melky will make the race tighter, but gardner, as of now, seems to be winning .....

gangster respected!

Roberto Alejandro said...

Gardner has definitely impressed. We'll see how it translates at the major league level though. Spring Training is not a great testing ground since the best of the best are rarely bringing their A-game, they're just tooling around, i.e. a pitcher is just going to work on his secondary pitches one day.

She-Fan said...

I just came back from Tampa and I wouldn't put Berroa on the Yanks for anything. He may have hit some HRs, but he's horrible on defense. Spring training was awesome though!