Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WBC is a Funny Thing

Don't ask me how, and don't ask me why, but the Netherlands have a pretty good team. I watched yesterday as team Dutch took on team Puerto Rico and made a 1 run lead stick until the 8th inning. Team PR scored 3 runs to win the game, but it left me impressed nonetheless. Other things that impressed me about the WBC:

-Team Italy eliminated Team Canada. Canada had a pretty good lineup including Justin Morneau, Russel Martin, and Mark Teahen, but they were no match for a Mike Piazza-less Italy.

-Australia beat Mexico by mercy rule with nearly no big leaguers on their team.

-The African team is nearly all White.

-The Dutch team is nearly all Black.

-Korea is the Pool A winner after defeating Japan 1-0.

-Dominican Republic has a chance at revenge against the Netherlands today, and the loser is eliminated. I want Puerto Rico to play the Dominican Republic, but its hard to cheer against a team like the Netherlands. They play hard, and they play smart. Overall, I've been impressed with them.

-If Cuba losses to Australia, Raul Castro may start diverting money from Cuba's exceptional health care system into their baseball operations. I wonder if you can get bole as easily there as you can in the DR.

Now, this of course is a Yankees blog, and that's what we love and do so in an attempt to combine this post to the Yankees I think its a good idea to speak to the praise received by a young Francisco Cervelli. For those who don't know or can't remember, Cervelli was the catcher who had his arm broken in spring training last season. He also caught the game where the Italians beat team Canada and Mike Piazza gave him a lot of praise for his efforts. He says that Cervelli can call a good game, and his bat will get there too. So there you have the official Mike Piazza scouting report on Francisco Cervelli.


Anonymous said...

I kept thinking that that right fielder sure didn't look Dutch.
Well, I started thinking it right after he threw out Bernie at the plate. Then that other great throw he made.
I guess sticking your fingers in the dyke is great for arm strength.
Gonna have to work on that, myself.
The annoncer had to point out that there were 27 All Star appearences by tht P.R. team. He could have mentioned that half of those were Pudge, and about half the rest were Bernie.
I think , though, after the USA, they're my dog in this hunt.


Total Blam said...

I disagree actually. I was rooting for NED, but the longer I watched, the more I thought that their success had less to do with how well THEY were playing than it had with how poorly Puerto Rico were playing.

Defensively, they looked okay (saw two missed fly ball catches), their pitching was awful (what was that, like 6 walks in 2-3 innings?), and there was no offense to speak of. When PR finally broke through, I was disappointed, but I knew it should have happened already several innings ago.

Fernando Alejandro said...

USA is already doing better than they did last time. I'd be curious to see a PR vs. USA game in round 2. PR doesn't have the pitching, but so far they've looked pretty good.

Total Blam, I agree, the PR team left something like 21 runners on base, and had several miscues. Call it luck or whatever you want, but the Netherlands got out of a lot of jams yesterday. I guess today's rematch with DR should show what kind of team they are.

Ruthie said...

Woot Woot For francisco!! he was the one who got hurt during that tampa rays game right?? i mmember seieng cilps from a ST game last season and our catcher got ROCKED!!! I didnt see the name, but it was prolly him =D

Thats funny what you pinted out, the mosty white african team and the mostly black dutch team. I gotta get in a good WBC game.. havent seen one since like saturday or sunday...

Anonymous said...

Don't like the DR guys much so YES!
(Even Robbie's gonna have to do something likeable after last year.)
But they gave that game away with both hands. (And a couple boots?)

Raven King said...

DR reminds me of the '08 Yankees.
They had so many power hitters but still managed to lose twice to a team from nowhere.
Wasn't that amazing?

Raven King said...
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Raven King said...

Here's some fun facts you need to know about Youk.I know our Captain is getting well with both trolls and house elfs, but I still love to see Joba throw a high fastball over Youk's sweaty bald head.

Raven King said...

And don't you think Mr. Igawa is possessed?
He's been pitching like a decent pitcher!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Raven, haha! Kei Igawa has been possessed by the spirit of a better pitcher. I think we may have to use that.

And yes, I agree with the analogy of the 2008 Yankees. Where did all that offense go?

Anonymous said...

"Youk takes time before every game to sign baseballs for kids, but he doesn't give them back."
That's plain classic.
Youse guys with access gonna start chanting 'HOLLYWOOD" every time he shows up now? Holding up anatomical charts?
Igawa has proven himself to be a deadly minor league pitcher. It's the bright lights big city that do him in. And real major league hiters. Like IPK. (Though there's still some hope that Ian can develop.)