Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tough Couple of Days for Panama

DR beat Panama 9-0 today, marking the second game in a row where the Panamanians refused to score runs, protesting the appointment of Ruben Blades to the country's top tourism post. Asked why the team is so upset over the appointment of the international Salsa sensation to the position of Tourism Secretary, right fielder Concepcion Rodriguez responded, "We all love his music, and he was cool in 'The Super,' but he was not impressive in 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico.' We're still upset about that one. 'El Mariachi' is a classic, and Desperado had Selma Hayek, but this?" Rodriguez choked back tears and walked away.

Puerto Rico plays the Netherlands tomorrow, and hopes not to be embarrassed like the Dominicans were. I continue to enjoy the WBC and look forward to how the rest of the tournament unfolds.

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