Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts From Around the Majors

-Has anyone noticed all the headlines relating to Manny over the past week? Since he signed back with the Dodgers, all the headlines have been "Manny to Play Next Week", "Manny to Play Thursday", "Manny to DH in Thursday's Game", "Manny Scratched from Thursday's Game Due to Hurt Hamstring". So now they look kind of foolish after hyping it up so much. Either way, does anyone outside of LA care when Manny was going to play his first game? Does anyone in LA really care?

-I could be wrong, but Edinson Volquez may have the largest forehead in all the Major Leagues.

-Many people in the DR may blame Carlos Marmol for losing the game for the Dominican team a couple days back, but its not really his fault. Yes he gave up the winning runs, but when your team can only muster 1 run over 11 innings, there are larger issues to address. Marmol just happened to be the unlucky pitcher the Dutch happened to get lucky with.

-Mike Cameron has a rib cage injury. Bret Gardner and Melky Cabrera don't.

-Pedro Martinez and Pudge Rodriguez are both still looking for big league contracts and after some phenomenal WBC performances, interest remains relatively light. Why? Probably because no one cares. Especially not the GM's. If the GM's were really impressed with WBC performances, then at least a half dozen Dutch players would have been signed by now.

-There have been talks of expanding the WBC to 24 teams. I think I may fly to one of the qualifying countries, gain citizenship, and join their team. I think it would give the blog an interesting perspective. I only wonder how much bole I would need to take.

-Do the Kansas City Royals have a chance this year? Last year we said that the Rays could be contenders in the near future, and everyone laughed at us. We also said that the Royals could be contenders in the near future, and people swore at us. Now, I don't think they're there just yet seeing as their rotation beyond Grienke and Meche is largely umipressive. However, they have a lot of young pitchers, and you just never know when those young pitchers may blossom.

-Is it just me, or does it seem like the Mets are trying to cover up this whole Johan Santana elbow thing? First they say something is wrong with his elbow, then after throwing a bullpen session, they cancel the doctor's appointment and determine he's fine. Does a bullpen session qualify as sound medical advice? I just have a feeling that Santana's going to be out after a month.

-The Yankees just signed Joba to a $434,575 deal. I wonder how they came up with such an arbitrary number.

-The Yankees have a day off, which I'm sure they could use. They will soon be playing baseball daily for weeks at a time, so a day off here and there is essential for them. Even in spring training.


Ruthie said...

LMAO!!! omg.. i loved this post. once again, you guys at RJG have strung together, in great elegance and enderaing humor the types of topics and opinions i love to read about =)
I am not to knowledgabel bout KC royals.. if they still got joey gathright, we may be abel to do some talking lol.. is he even still on the team? all i know is that in the games i saw him in against the yankees, he didnt make a complete fool of him self in the outfeild.. He seems arrogant (from a clip i saw of him off the feild) but its guys like him who can help them the most. And dont they have kahlil green? he seems like an okay pitcher.. =) plus i love his name!

gangster respected

She-Fan said...

I can vouch for the fact that people in LA really do care about Manny's every move. They were desperate to have him back and now he's The Man. Papelbon may have ripped him in Esquire, but the people out here adore him. I think Pedro will sign somewhere. And isn't Santana pitching tonight against the Marlins?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Ruthie, Kahlil Greene no, but Joey Gathrite yes, but they traded him to the Cubs. Close enough though! Is the video you're talking about the one where he jumps the car? That ones pretty cool.

Jane, yes, Johan is pitching on a regular schedule, I just think there's something there they're ignoring. I would give him a month or two into the season, and see if he's okay. If his velocity is way down, then that'll be a dead giveaway.

Jon Roberts said...

You forgot about Polanco's forehead I think. I haven't Volquez without the hat, but Polanco is rocking a pretty big noggin.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Polanco's definitely up there, but he's also balding. I would like to submit the following exhibit to the discussion:Edinson Volquez

Raven King said...

Now the KC Royals have Krazy Kyle, Coco, Dorothy and Toto, if they can add the Wicked Witch of the West on their roster, I'm 100 percent sure they will beat Ozzie.

Raven King said...

I think Plácido can be a potential challenger to Enrique Polanco.

Raven King said...

Plácido Enrique Polanco.

Fernando Alejandro said...

The Wicked Witch of the West...Randy Johnson?