Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burnett and Posada Put Differences Aside

The most recent word from camp is that AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada have decided to put their supposed differences aside and reunite as batterymates. AJ finished last season with his own personal catcher, Jose Molina, but has lost his dear friend to free agency. Now, Burnett must endeavor to work with Jorge Posada to look towards a better season on the mound.

"We had our differences." Explained Burnett. "Like sometimes he'd call for a screwball, and I was like 'I don't throw that.', and he would say 'That's why you'll never be great.' and it really stuck to me."

"In fairness." Began Posada. "I thought he threw a screwball."

And that was where the trouble began last season. Poor communication about pitch selection plagued both sides.

"I think its because I used to play MLB on the Xbox, and I had a code that unlocked the screwball for AJ Burnett, so from there on out I thought he threw a screwball. He would do it so well in the video game. Then in real life he'd be standing on the mound acting scared to throw it, so I was like 'what a sissy.' It was a simple misunderstanding."

As a result, the two expect big things.

"I have three words for you." Said AJ Burnett. "Cy (bleeping) Young. Put that on your blog and smoke it."


lady gaganonymous said...

I can actually see Burnett saying that last thing, though.

Dylan Murphy said...

I wonder how much my knowledge of pitcher's pitches has been swayed by MVP baseball 2005 for PS2. Greatest baseball video game, fyi.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I think I need to start playing more baseball video games. What's a good one for the Wii? I must admit that I own a Wii, and have a PS3, but I never play either of them, much less keep up with what video games are worthwhile.

Lady Gaganonymous, that was the only line we didn't fabricate! Okay that's not true, but I could see him saying that. And speaking of Lady Gaga, she has a song about Roberto and I. Kinda creepy actually.

lady gaganonymous said...

Heh, Lady Gaga is a Yankee fan who compared herself to Mariano. She's awesome.