Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeter Interview Bomb Shell

Derek Jeter held a press conference this morning to answer all the pressing questions surrounding his greatness. To sum it all up, he said the following:

Don't care about the contract.
Wants to be a Yankee.
Loves all his World Series Championships equally.

But after the press conference had ended and the camera's were off, the real news came. Tiger Woods came storming into the press room followed by a security detail trying to restrain him.

"You think you can walk away from Gillette, Jeter! Do you want war?!"

Roger Federer then pulled the fire alarm and in the panic tried to rush Jeter's table, but before he could reach him, Minka Kelly tackled him into a row of chairs. "I learned that on Friday night lights (expletive deleted)!" Jeter remained calm throughout it all, even taking a moment to talk to the few remaining press members.

"Tiger's dealing with a lot right now, but I wonder if he knows that Gillette no longer sponsors him."

At that moment, Jeter and Minka got in a Mercedes and left. Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford, crumbled up his hat, threw it on the ground, and walked away in disgust.

Controversy continues to brew at the Yankee training camp.

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