Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeter's Press Conference Shakes the Foundation of Yankees Spring Training

"I couldn't believe it," explained one stunned onlooker. "The things he was saying, I just never expected to hear those words from Derek Jeter."

What was expected to be a routine press conference by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter turned into an indictment of the Yankees, their negotiating stance, and their legacy.

One witness, still in so much shock she couldn't remember her own name, explained that, "One reporter was all, 'what do you think about your contract status?' And Jeter was all, 'I'm focused on this season, and I won't talk about my contract status after today.' And I was all, 'Ho. Ly. S--t!'"

Indeed. Such strong language was unexpected from a man who has perfected the non-answer over his 15 year Major League career. You could hear the anger in Jeter's voice, and the tension was palpable.

When asked whether he was considering testing the waters of free agency, a clearly bitter Jeter responded that, "The Yankees are the only organization I want to play for." The response largely elicited a stunned silence from the usually loquacious crowd of New York journalists, known for their jaded toughness. One reporter was seen weeping.

"No one saw that coming," said one journalist. "I mean, Derek Jeter is usually pretty predictable in his answers, but for him to suggest he's fine with waiting until the season's over to negotiate a new deal, or that he wants to play as long as he's able, healthy, and productive, you just never thought you'd hear that from the Yankee captain. Mind blowing. That's all I can say."

Tomorrow Alex Rodriguez will face the New York media. After today's stunning revelations, he can expect a lot of questions about his frenemy, Derek Jeter. What began as a very quiet Spring Training for the Yankees, just got interesting.


Rich Mahogany said...

I feel dead inside now. Thanks Jeter :(

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I know, Rich. I know. I may not get out of bed tomorrow. Why even bother anymore?

Anonymous said...

It is like Santa Claus died.

Seriously though, this is one of the best pieces on the site yet.

lady gaganonymous said...


Seriously, it's nice having a boring spring training.

lady gaganonymous said...

Seriously though, this is one of the best pieces on the site yet.

eh, the PEDP+ post and the one that made fun of California baseball fans (saying you could go zero for a billion in the playoffs and tip pitches by yelling what was coming to the opposing batters and they'd just be like "oh, well, maybe next year. Ooh, it's sunny!") were better. These are pretty amusing though.

Also, some of the game posts were HILARIOUS. Very excited for those to start again.

lady gaganonymous said...

I also enjoyed the blog talking about Joe Torre's book, Why the Yankees Suck and Alex Rodriguez Too.

The all-time best post might be the Jeter emoticon interview, though. Hmmm. There are a lot of really good lines in this blog, but in different posts ("Cashman then signed Sabathia." BAHAHAAHA)

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. We've certainly had our moments on this blog. The PEDP+ was a great one. The three part story my brother did early on was really funny. One of my personal favorites that I did was a post where Melky Cabrera told JJ Putz that JJ couldn't speak English well. Then there are some random lines that stick out, like a post my brother did really early on (it may have been our first or second post) where he referred to the Yankees as shoring up their fifth outfielder spot. I'm also proud of my take on the Manny's fertility issues. Hopefully we can keep delivering good times to you, our loyal readers.