Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Granderson Would Consider Move

In recent news, Granderson said that he would be fine moving to left field. Ever the team player, Granderson pointed to his minor league experience in left field to say that he would be comfortable making the switch. What the article does not mention, is just how versatile Granderson's minor league experience was.

"Yeah, I came up as a left fielder, but before I switched to center I was actually a fifth starter. Really good one too. Gave the team innings, threw strikes, won some and lost some, but for a fifth starter, I wasn't bad."

But Granderson's minor league experience did not end there.

"I was made the utility infielder for a season. I played every position including catcher. I didn't like it, but they thought that's what I projected best as. Then when that didn't work out, they tried me out as a left handed specialist. I did alright."

In other words, Granderson is the answer to every question left on our roster.

"That's why we traded for him." Explained General Manager Brian Cashman. "We knew all about his minor league experience in which he played every position on the ball field, except right field. But we have Swish for that."

Granderson however denies his lack of right field experience. "In the minors, I played a whole season under an assumed name in right field. I've played under a lot of assumed names in my career. When I was at short, I was Derek Peter, if I was catching that day, I'd be Jorge Posadarson, and when I played right, I was Paul O'Grand. Don't know why I always went with Yankee players, but in hindsight, I feel it was the right choice."


cheshirecat said...

I believe I made this same comment on the blog around this same time last year: BASEBALL!!!!!

lady gaganonymous said...


But I haven't seen enough pictures yet >:( WHERE IS ANDY???

Anyway. Granderson's been at camp for, like, weeks now. And him and Jeter seem like BFFL. This makes me excited, WOOOOO!

Rich Mahogany said...

Tigers fans were crestfallen when they read this post, as they were looking forward to years of production from top prospects Derek Peter and Jorge Posadarson.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I'm sure it didn't help when they realized they were Tigers fans either.

lady gaganonymous said...

I felt kinda bad for the Tigers last year. But then I remembered:
1. 2006 sucked.
2. Any time a big collapse happens, the 2004 Yankees might not be the first ones people think of when they think of "baseball teams that choked terribly."*
3. It meant we didn't have to face Justin Verlander twice in a five-game series. YAY.

* the Tigers didn't so much collapse as the Twins just got really really hot. Still, a three-game lead with four to go?! You should close that sh-t out.

Rich Mahogany said...

LG, since Granderson was part of that Tigers team, he is clearly a choker who cannot handle the pressure of New York City. Cashman is a fool. He should have traded for Paul O'Grand instead.


lady gaganonymous said...

Rich, I have long said that we should have gotten rid of those chokers A-Rod, Mariano, Jeter, and Posada after 2004.

(Note: sarcasm.)