Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Preview: Extended Outfield Edition

Randy Winn

2009 Stats:

He batted .262 which isn't terrible if you're a power hitter, but he only hit 2 homeruns, which is terrible if you're a power hitter, or if you're playing in the major leagues.

2010 Prediction:

Randy Winn finds the short right field porch at Yankee stadium, but still can't reach it. His homeruns get cut in half from his 2009 season, and he finishes the season with one homerun, of the inside-the-park variety. He does his hit 40 doubles, but no one notices because they're too busy paying attention to the latest Jeter contract gossip.

Little Known Winn Fact:

Randy Winn was a body double for the movie 300.


Quinn said...

i also heard that him and brett gardener had a race around the world and they ran so fast that the world is now in fast foward

still nameless anonymous said...

The whining about "we NEED Damon, he will be the one we regret letting go" has started up again, I see. Yeah, nevermind that we offered him the most money (that we know of, I don't trust Heyman for anything Boras-related until it's confirmed by other people because he's a Boras puppet)...

2009 WAR:
Derek Jeter 7.4
CC Sabathia 6.0
Mark Teixeira 5.1 *
Alex Rodriguez 4.4 *
Robinson Cano 4.4 *
Jorge Posada 4.0
Nick Swisher 3.5
Curtis Granderson's "horrible year" 3.4
Andy Pettitte 3.3
AJ Burnett 3.1
Johnny Damon 3.0
Brett Gardner 2.1
Mariano Rivera 2.0 **

Would I rather have Johnny Damon than Randy Winn? Yeah. Do we need Johnny Damon? Hell, no.

* This considering that WAR probably overrates defense and didn't love any of these guys on defense last year, when I think of Tex as an elite defender and Cano as a pretty darn good one. A-Rod missing games also hurt him here.
** a relief pitcher being worth 2 wins is pretty damn amazing.

Anonymous said...

The cartoon/cgi/punkrodk 300, or the Kevin Sorbo 300?


still nameless anonymous said...

Wow, that sounded hostile. I didn't mean it that way, I was just generally griping at the media!

Fernando Alejandro said...

If you ask me, I think Granderson was an appropriate replacement for Damon, and once he was signed I thought Damon's days might be numbered. Their offense is comparable and Granderson's defense is a step up.

As for Winn, it was definitely the punk rock'd/cgi version. In fact, Winn was the only non-CGI body of the 300 spartans.