Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Preview: Bullpen

Sergio Mitre

2009 Stats: 3-3, 6.79

Sergio Mitre pitched for Girardi when the latter was manager of the Florida Marlins. Not surprisingly, Mitre later needed Tommy John surgery. While Girardi is very good about not overusing his relievers, he has no problem making his starters, regardless of age or injury history, throw 200-300 pitches per inning. It's known as the Nolan Ryan Philosophy of Pitching. Girardi really likes Mitre, so expect him to end up in the bullpen, at the least, in some role. Besides, Girardi owes it to Mitre for ruining his arm. While Mitre's numbers were not impressive, they do show that just about anybody can be a .500 pitcher if they have the Yankees hitting behind them.

2010 Prediction:

Mitre, working out of the 'pen, will throw about 120 innings . . . by late May. Then his arm will literally fall off. The grotesque scene is replayed countless times on television. Mitre weeps.

Little Known Mitre Facts:

Mitre is an accomplished motivational speaker. He once told a group of young kids that if they work hard, they too can achieve their dreams of having elbow surgery while somebody else picks up the bill.


Anonymous said...

I LOL'ed.

He was really terrible last year, but hopefully that's just him recovering from the TJ and he can be a decent sinkerball pitcher. Please?

Remember when him and Chad Gaudin one-hit the White Sox (I think Mitre had a PERFECT GAME going to the fifth, which is crazy) and then Ozzie Guillen went totally batshit on them? That was the minute when I was like "Yeah we're gonna win the World Series" because crap like that doesn't happen unless you are blessed.

Rich Mahogany said...

That was the one Yankee game I saw in person last year. Mitre and Gaudin pitched a combined one-hitter, and Mitre was indeed perfect until he gave up a double to Thome with one out in the fifth.

I took my dad to that game because he's a White Sox fan. That game basically ended any glimmer of hope that the White Sox would reach the playoffs, because they got one-hit by freaking Mitre and Gaudin. My dad didn't weep openly, but I could tell he wept on the inside.

And Mitre is usually pretty bad, but we could do worse for a no. 8 starter/long reliever.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know White Sox fans actually existed until Obama became president. Like, I knew they probably did, but yeah.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I had a friend in NYC who was a white sox fan. He generally resorted to just rooting for the Yankees once his Sox were out. Can't blame him.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the White Sox fans that do exist, they were a whole hell of a lot less annoying when the White Sox won in 2005 than when the Red Sox won the year before. Like, did White Sox fans practically destroy the city of Chicago and get shot in their celebrations, demand MLB put out a DVD of their victory, and then put the DVDs or whatever on their parents' graves? No.

Dylan said...

It's funny how no one talked about the White Sox suffering pre-championship, while the Cubs is heard over and over again. And I don't think white sox fans really existed UNTIL Obama became president.