Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring Preview: Bullpen

Mark Melancon

2009 Stats?

Mark Melancon is one of those guys who could kill your whole family in front of you while repeatedly yelling "I'm Mark Melancon!" and you still wouldn't know who he is. I searched for him on but the query only returned a "who's Mark Melancon?" from the search engine. Nonetheless, Melancon is one of those highly touted prospects expected to be dominant. Most of his dominance will be related to hitters being completely confused as to why the Yankees are letting a random audience member pitch to them.

2010 Prediction:

Somebody will spot Mark Melancon on a New York street and recognize him. Melancon's ego will balloon out of proportion. He becomes utterly unbearable. Every time a veteran player hands him something, he signs it and hands it back. Then he goes out to a trendy night club but the bouncer doesn't let him in. He loudly and obnoxiously announces that he is 'Mark Melancon, Pitcher.' The bouncer and everyone in line collectively utters, "Who the #*&%$ is Mark Melancon?" Melancon weeps.

Little Known Melancon Fact:

Mark Melancon originally planned to become a famous musician, but then another musician stole his stage name, Eminem, and Melancon was forced to turn to sports.


Anonymous said...

At least "Melancon" is a really cool name right?

I'm watching a game on Yankees Classics and:
a. Paul O'Neill is really annoying in the booth, I'm sorry.
b. ZOMG Xavier Nady sighting.
c. Tex just hit a grand slam to put his team ahead. Unfortunately, his team was the Angels. Thanks, Tex! (I remember watching this game and yelling at the TV when that happened.)

Rich Mahogany said...

Did Edwar Ramirez give up that grand slam? I watched that game with my dad and Tex hit the grand slam right after I said that Edwar would become an effective member of the pen. My shame persists to this day.

Jon Roberts said...

Did you weep?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Everybody weeps sometimes.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, it was Edwar. Oh and just to prove how totally dumb pitcher wins are, he got the win in that game. Even though he's a Yankee and I should be rooting for him, I irrationally dislike him. part of it is due to crap like that and part of it is because he's so skinny and doofy and awkward-looking.

Anonymous said...

I <3 box scores:

I forgot Ivan Rodriguez was a Yankee. Maybe I just TRIED to forget that (I really do not like I-Rod at all).

As long as I'm here, best game of 2008 y/y?:
I pretty vividly remember Mo striking out Manny on three pitches with a guy on third. It was a thing of much beauty.

Speaking of Yankee/Red Sox games from 2008:
Did... did Cody Ransom have a TWO-HR DAY???

Fred Trigger said...

Yeah, I remember that game. Me and Roberto had a mini liveblog during that game (the one with Mo striking out Ramirez on 3 straight pitches). I think Ramirez was pinch hitting and was all bent out of shape, so he just looked at all the pitches. I think the other batters he got out were Lugo and Varitek.

Rich Mahogany said...

Not until now.

Fred Trigger said...

nevermind, it was the July 5th game.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I remember that live blog. I'm pretty sure it was the record for comments on a single post at RJG.