Friday, February 26, 2010

Grueling Workouts Leave Yankees Exhausted

Though position players just got here, they've already been put through the wringer.

"Spring Training is tough," complained Brett Gardner. "People don't realize how hard we work. Like yesterday, I played catch. I threw the ball to Curtis (Granderson), then he threw it back, and I'm all 'why would you throw it back? If I wanted it I wouldn't have thrown it to you in the first place.' That continued for a while, so It's safe to say I'm pretty beat up."

Spring Training can leave even the most well conditioned athlete in tears. Hours of light jogging, stretching, catch, more stretching, massages, fielding fly-balls, batting practice, and chewing tobacco can really wear on you.

"Yesterday I had live BP," explained Curtis Granderson. "I mean, I didn't swing at any pitches, and the pitchers were yelling out the pitch and location before throwing, but still, I'm tired. I mean, I had to just stand there for ten whole pitches. That bat gets heavy in the Florida humidity. Sucks up all the moisture."

Granderson is not the only one dealing with fatigue.

"Yesterday I didn't have to throw BP, so I just got a massage from the trainers," explained a sore AJ Burnett. "I'm exhausted."

Some players have been more limited in their activities, however, either due to injuries or, in one case, psychological trauma.

"I'm pretty tired," said a clearly exhausted Robinson Cano. "I spend most of my day trying to make sure no one sees me cry. It's tough. F--k you Cashman!"

It was not immediately clear to everyone why Cano sang that last line.


Dylan Murphy said...

I agree with every quote from every Yankee. Baseball is tough. Even in the stands I get tired sitting for 3 hours.

Rich Mahogany said...

Don't be ashamed Robinson. The Yankees are a sensitive group that condone, if not celebrate, weeping openly. It's what sets them apart from the other 29 clubs.

lady gaganonymous said...

Do they need someone to give certain pitchers a massage? Because, ahem, I wouldn't mind offering my services. Yeah.

(Not you, AJ.)

Poor Robbie. And he doesn't want to be seen crying because then people will think he cares, which obviously he does not as a Dominican. Or something.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, Robbie has to keep up that image or Placido Polanco might get bypassed for defensive awards.

lady gaganonymous said...

I haven't seen enough Placido Polanco to comment (though what I have seen is solid), but he does have an excellent UZR, however flawed that stat is. I think they undersold Robbie quite a bit this year, though.

King Quaker said...

I'm worn out just reading your report. Or maybe it's from digging out my car.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, you guys just can't catch a break with the weather out there.

lady gaganonymous said...