Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot in Spring Training

I was looking over some of the spring training statistics and it looks like some of the hottest hitters on the team are Shelley Duncan, Robinson Cano, Bret Gardner, Mark Teixeira, Angel Berroa, and Cody Ransom. Out of that group, I'm most interested in Shelley Duncan, and here's why. He came in a couple seasons ago and showed some power potential. Then he opened the season with the team last year, and just couldn't seem to get the ball out of the infield. Of course, the Yankees don't have much patience for unproven players like that so he was sent back to Scranton. However, the power potential was always there, and I wonder what he may be able to do with regular at bats. The problem with that is he won't be getting regular at bats with the Yankees. He plays first base and right field, both of which are blocked by multiple players. If spring training stats meant anything, and I'm not convinced they do, Shelley would be a good trading chip, but no one took him when they DFA'd him in the off season so I don't think anyone would be interested now. The other players I'd be interested in seeing are Berroa and Ransom. Ransom also showed some power potential in his call up last season, and as he will be the opening day third baseman, I wonder how he'll do. Also, what would happen if he got off to a really hot start, and then A-Rod was ready to return? Cody isn't the player A-Rod is, but it would be tough to bench a guy whose on a hot streak. Berroa just seems to be overperforming in spring training, and I don't know if he'll carry it into the season. Since his 2003 rookie of the year award, Berroa has been a dissapointment. Perhaps he's experienced a wake up call of sorts. Lastly, I suspect Gardner is going to be a driving force on this team. Remember all the things they used to say about Melky, and how his energy drives the team? That's what they'll be saying about Gardner. Neither of those guys are proven every day centerfielders, so my bet is that they both open the season on the team. I'm excited to get this season started is all I can say. So much potential on this team, but it can only be realized once the season starts.


Anonymous said...

I think the most important young guy to watch right now is Ramiro Pena actually. You are wasting your time even noticing Shelley Duncan because he has no shot. On the other hand the Yankees are going to need a utility infielder and it's either Berroa or Pena. Neither can hit, Pena has a glove. Berroa just has a forged birth certificate and a ROY award.

Fernando Alejandro said...

You're partially right about Berroa, but right now he is hitting and Pena is not. Pena does not have a chance. I do agree about Shelley Duncan though. I want him to go somewhere where he has an actual chance at playing major league baseball.

Anonymous said...

I agree with BBD. Pena is the guy to watch. When I was down at spring training I got a close look and he is so smooth with the glove. He's not bad at the plate either. If Cano or Jeter get hurt, I'd rather see them call up Pena than stick Berroa in there, defensively.