Friday, March 13, 2009

Mildly Interesting Stories

Yet another book is about to be released that has less than shocking revelations about the inside occurances of the New York Yankees. This book, which is actually about the life of Clemens, claims that during Jason Giambi's massive slump in the 2002 season, Cashman was said to have yelled at a tv in the clubhouse "Jason, whatever you were taking in Oakland, get back on it. Please!" Cashman angrily denied the anecdote saying "I don't yell." I kind of believe him. But if Cashman didn't scream this at his tv in 2002, he's probably the only one. I mean, who didn't want Giambi back on 'roids in 2002? He later recovered and showed he didn't need them, but it was such a loosey goosey era, and no one was being honest with Katie. It is still uncertain whether Giambi used a Dominican cousin to supply his 'roids in those days.

Speaking of steroids, Mark McGwire is now a hitting instructor for the likes of Bobby Crosby, Eric Duncan, Matt Holliday, and Skip Schumaker, whoever that is. I say good for him. Yes he 'roided and broke the homerun record by cheating, but who hasn't tried something to get an edge. For example, I drink coffee in the morning because I know that without it, I'm largely useless. I would have been cut for a more competent employee if I didn't drink coffee, and if I used it to succeed in college, why wouldn't I use it to succeed at the career level?

Anyways, it looks like Bernie Williams may have punched a woman in a night club in Puerto Rico for taking a picture of him. I don't know how true the story is, but if Bernie was hanging out in a night club at 2:30am on a Thursday night, he has to know that no good would come of it.

Tonight the Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox, but because its spring training, no one will care. We are three weeks away from the actual season starting, and I cannot wait. First series will be against Baltimore, and the second series will be with the Kansas City Royals. If we're not 5-1 after that, then its going to be a long season.


Anonymous said...

I think it's time for another phone call to Bronny Cash to get his take. Ask him if he yells at his TV. Maybe he doesn't yell during Yankees games but does yell during American Idol. As for Bernie punching that woman? He's no Chris Brown. No way.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

i heard chris brown is bernie's new life coach. this could get bad.

Raven King said...

It's OK with me if Bronny Cash did yell at his TV. But I won't tolerate if he yelled at his cute little pet poodle instead.
And girls like Rihanna should be sent to some re-education center to re-establish their self-esteem and restore their basic human IQ level.
Going back to the man who beat you up like that is simply brainless.

Raven King said...

And how come Marcos Scutaro, the man who has an Italian name, plays for Team Venezuela???