Saturday, March 21, 2009

I No Longer Feel So Bad

Wow. Why did Venezuela even bother to suit up? That was over before the third inning. Now the PR loss doesn't feel so bad since I honestly don't think we stack up to Korea or Japan, those two countries simply have great teams. Funny enough, Korea's team isn't even a collection of their veteran stars, rather it is largely made up of younger up and comers. I hope the scouts are paying attention.

I returned to NYC from Seoul, Korea today and it feels good to be back home. Sadly, R2D2 had to be escorted off the plane and disassembled in San Francisco due to a horse face-punching incident. Robot on horse violence has become a serious issue, especially on international flights and there is a zero tolerance policy. It's unfortunate, now I have to go back to sweeping.


Anonymous said...

Venezuela has a great lineup. They also had a chance to make a comeback and I thought Cabrera got a hold of one for a 3 run homer. After he flied out to the track they let it get away. Sucks that Santana didn't pitch for them.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, not having Santana does not help the cause. Silva was also a bit of a gamble, but I understand wanting to save King Felix for the championship. But you got to get there first, that's the problem.