Friday, January 13, 2012


The Yankees have completed a trade of Jesus Montero with Seattle for Michael Pineda. The Yankees have given up an unproven hitter for an unproven pitcher. Of course, considering the Yankees stash of proven hitters, they were far more in need of suspect pitching production than suspect hitting production. It isn't that Montero didn't show brilliance in his brief stint with the Yankees (New York, not Scranton/Wilkes-Barre), it's just that we have no idea whether he can sustain this brilliance over a full season, let alone a career. Pineda has already shown that he can't sustain his brilliance over a full season, but whether he can be brilliant over the course of a career, or the 2012 season, is yet to be seen. The Yankees took the chance that made more sense to them, and the Mariners took the chance that made more sense to no one. After all, what team doesn't attempt to build a winner around a single pitcher and some power hitters at positions not traditionally known for power? Okay, up until now the 2012 Yankees, but that isn't the point. The point is, we have a 23 year old pitcher projected to be the next Felix Hernandez through last May. You can't possibly go wrong with that!

The Yankees have also signed Hiroki Kuroda. This is important to know because it not only adds depth, it avoids that inevitable "who?" moment when you make your next trip to Yankee Stadium and find out who the starting pitcher is. Sorry Edwin Jackson, looks like you won't be overpaid by us next season. Don't worry, you'll still be overpaid. But let's be frank. You throw a ball to an associate/maybe friend 60'6" away. You will be overpaid for what you do next season no matter what amount you sign for.

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