Thursday, January 19, 2012

Should We Be Worried?

Fausto Carmona, of "the Yanks should trade for Carmona" fame, has been arrested for apparently falsifying his visa documents. It turns out that his real name may not be Fausto, something the authorities began to suspect when he said his name was Fausto. Further, Fausto may be 3 years older than MLB thinks he is.

This is relevant for the Yankees since they just executed a trade for another Dominican flame thrower, Michael Pineda. Part of the appeal of Pineda is that he's so young, but the recent Fausto revelations suggest Pineda is at least 34 years old. Having him under control for the next five years no longer seems like an advantage, and his inability to develop a change-up to this point becomes increasingly alarming. The Yankees would be wise to make him train with CC Sabathia, a more effective, and even larger, left-hander.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all this, though, is that now Cleveland has something to be ashamed of in addition to its record. And city. Mostly its city. That's hard. Life blows, Cleveland. Deal with it.

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