Monday, December 3, 2012

Did Jeter Get Fat?

The big news coming out of the Winter Meetings is that it takes a Hank Steinbrenner exactly one off-season in charge to completely derail the team's budget and infield. Now that A-Rod is having another hip surgery&mdashonly this time on the other hip&mdashthe Yankees can now shift focus from right field and catcher to third base.

There is also a vicious rumor that Jeter has gotten fat. There is even a picture they say. But anyone can look fat if they're photographed. When you close your eyes and picture Jeter in all his Jeterian glory, is he fat? Didn't think so. So stop telling your friends Jeter is fat. You know it's not true and this is how rumors start.

Back to A-Rod. Begrudgingly. The Yankees now need to find a third baseman. Let's face it, A-Rod is no longer our third basemen. He's now had surgery on both hips, and he had already lost quite a bit of pop since the last surgery. Since we insist on keeping Nunez as an infielder, can we at least shift him to third? Sure, he may still need to play short at the start of the season, but maybe he can play deep and cover both positions. He's got the erratic arm for it, and it would save us money on payroll.

Man do we need Ichiro already. Just give him a new bat humidor and be finished with it. This is stupid now. Oh, and just let Cervelli catch. You can trade for a first baseman with pop who pretends to be a catcher come the deadline, just ask the Mariners. Oh snap! I think Cervelli has had his dreams kicked around enough that the least we can do is humor him for a few months. Hey, maybe he'll surprise us.


Rich Mahogany said...

I sincerely apologize for fueling the myth that Derek Jeter got fat. I was misled by the lamestream media.

The Yankees might have no choice but to let Cervelli catch because it's doubtful that a Joe Mauer salary dump is in the works. Unfortunately, Cervelli is pretty bad at hitting and not much better at catching.

If the concern is ARod's next hip surgery makes him unable to play third and saps his power even more, then where can you play him? Is his future as a mediocre DH?

Uncle Mike said...

Eduardo NunE5 at third base... What a Metsy idea.

Rich Mahogany said...

Things are so dire for the Yankees that they are pursuing Jeff Keppinger, whose leg is broken.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I've seen worse. Remember when Carl Pavano was our opening day starter?

Yankees Magazine said...

The only time Nunez gets to be on third is if he steals it. His erratic arm had earned him the Mark Reynolds award for third base. Kevin Youkilis is now the man like it or hate it. If they were going to go internally I would have rather seen Ronny Mustilier or Cito Culver get a shot befor Nunez. As for Cather the only way Ceervelli sees anything beyond the backup role is if Romaine is run over by the team bus and Stewart dies in a skydiving accident. But we all know that Bubba Crosby will be the starter and Cash is cool with that