Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Yankees Have an Offer Out to Youkilis

It looks like the Yankees have put a $12 million offer out the Kevin Youkilis.  This is a bit baffling, seeing as the Yankees were just outbid for one year of Chavez at $3 million.  Don't get me wrong, Youkilis has a high on base percentage, and when healthy can hit, but he hasn't been healthy for years, and he's the easiest Red Sox player to hate.  How is he worth $12 million?  We need a backup infielder, and we've already let some of those slip by for much cheaper.  We'll see how this unfolds.


Rich Mahogany said...

I don't see Youkilis accepting the Yankees offer. A one year contract only makes sense if he gets to play every day and rebuild his value. But he would only be the starting 3B until ARod returned, and 1B is taken.

Chavez is going to disintegrate by May. After his miraculous performance last year, he is living on borrowed time. I think he went hitless in the playoffs (I refuse to look it up) and my expert conclusion is that he is finished.

Therefore, our starting 3B on Opening Day will be Catch 'n' Throw. His time has finally arrived.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I mostly agree with you except that I don't think any team would offer Youkilis a multi-year deal after last season, and 1 year $12 million is much more than any other team would offer right now. He was pretty bad last year!

Rich Mahogany said...

MLBTR says the Indians are offering him two years, $18 million. I don't know much about the Indians, but I know they don't have anything like ARod and Teixeira blocking third and first base.