Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Meetings Under Way

The Yankees entered the winter meetings after locking down Pettitte and Mariano for next season, and losing a bidding war for Russell Martin to the cash-rich Pittsburgh Pirates.  You may be wondering how the Pittsburgh Pirates managed to out bid the Yankees, but if you really think about it, the Pirates haven't spent money on their team in about two decades, so they have a lot of savings in the bank.  Or maybe the Yankees just weren't that interested.  Either way, with the Yankees saving $7.5 million for next season the question quickly turns to who will play right field.  Ichiro is looking at offers from other teams, and the Yankees don't appear ready to sign anyone long term, so do the Yankees look to overpay Ichiro for one year to plug that right field hole?  Do we bring back Ibanez?

A recent development is that A-Rod will need hip surgery again, and will miss part of the season.  The good news is that perhaps it was an injured hip that accounted for his reduced offense last season, and a repaired hip could return his pop, the bad news is, this is his 2nd hip surgery in the last three years. 

The even better news is that the winter meetings are underway, and this means that we could see some crazy Cashman trades or free agent signings soon.


Rich Mahogany said...

The Yankees only seem crushed by the weight of circumstances, but will suddenly strike, destroying their enemies. That is what happened in Boardwalk Empire and I am convinced it is applicable here.

Speaking more seriously, the excitement from re-signing Kuroda, Pettitte and Rivera has worn off really fast. The whole "we have no catcher, third baseman, right fielder and our legendary shortstop got fat" issue is troubling.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Those re-signings were important, but all they did was bring us closer to the team that lost in pitiful fashion last October. In fairness, these 3 players had little to do with that, but still, its hard to sustain excitement.