Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All-Star Game Was Long

I'm feeling the effects of it. Even after I said I'd go to bed if they didn't score in the 12th, I found myself sticking with it to the end. Francona did a good job managing the team, and you have to give props to Nancy Drew for his contributions. I think the most impressive player last night though was Russell Martin, the Dodgers catcher. He made a lot of impressive plays at home, and even gunned down some runners. I felt bad for Uggla though, who wanted so badly to play in Yankee stadium and then committed 3 errors and struck out 3 times. I still love him though.

It also appears that Papelbon feared for his pregnant wife's life, and couldn't enjoy the All-Star festivities as a result. Now, I'm completely against threatening the lives of pregnant women, but what did Papelbon think the response was going to be like? He tried to back away from his earlier comments about closing over Mariano Rivera, and even gave the whole "It's my competitive nature" line, but his original comments were that he deserved to close the game as much as Mo because he won a world series last season. Never mind that Mariano has pitched for the Yankees for over a decade, has won several championships with them, and is having a much much better season than Papelbon is. The All-Star game is all about this season, not last year's world series. Then Papelbon has the nerve to be shocked by the response. Like its a huge Hardy Boy mystery why people would be upset with him. Look, this isn't Candy Land, this is New York City and if you run your mouth about a Hall of Fame legend in New York City, you're probably not going to be received well. Especially when you're a young talent with a short track record. You take away Mariano, and Papelbon still isn't even the best closer on that All-Star team (Joakim Soria anyone?). Hopefully, he'll learn from this experience.

All in all, I got what I wanted from this game, minus a good nights sleep. As I'm typing this I feel like I'm dreaming. A close game, great players, great pitching, and Kazmir is probably icing his overused arm right now. If he gets injured the Rays are going to be ticked.


bigjf said...

I hear ya Fernando. I got a good night's sleep but lost my whole morning. I didn't get up until 11! Woke up a bit hungover too, but that's another issue.

Anyway, I think each team needs to add 4 more pitchers to their roster. This could be a good way to spotlight the setup men in baseball. I also think the starters should expect to go 3 innings, not 2, and the position players should expect to go 6 or 7 at least. MLB was very lucky this game didn't end in a tie, and that home plate umpire (I didn't catch who it was) was going to call Morneau safe on that last play no matter what. He looked safe anyway, but then so did Navarro on that throw from McClouth, even though the throw had him dead.

As for the whole Papelbum thing, I am ashamed of the Yankee fans that supposedly threatened his family because I thought only Boston fans were that low, but I don't care in the slightest that he got booed when he pitched last night. He deserved that.

Fernando Alejandro said...

11AM!? I want your life, minus the hangover.

Instead of giving them more pitchers to use, I think it should come down to a homerun derby where each team picks one batter to take 10 swings. They can pick anyone on the roster to participate even if they've already been pulled from the game, and they can choose anyone to pitch. That's what it should come down to if they run out of pitchers.

I definitely don't think its right that people threatened Papelbon's pregnant wife. That was classless. But I do hope that Papelbon grew a little from this experience, because up until now he's been a complete douche.

Steve said...

As much as it pains me I have to tip my hat to Francona, he really was a class act the way he gave Jeter and A-Rod the ovation they deserved. Paplebom should have learned a little from his skipper.
"I just want the league to win" "I'll do what ever it takes for us to win the game" "It's Mo's house he should get the save, as long as we win the game" Next time the manager should write down things for his players to say to stay out of trouble. Haven't any of these players seen the movie Bull Durham?

Jim A. said...

Evidently Papsmear didn't learn anything as he was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt in the clubhouse of Yankee Stadium and on that shirt was a picture of a hand making an obscene gesture....yup, THAT gesture. while the clubhouse was full of Hall of Famers getting a tour from A-Rod and Jeter.
This kid likes to talk trash and make his little tough guy face while on the mound (which cracks me up because my seven year old looks tougher than him) but he can't take it when people give him crap.

Fernando Alejandro said...

What can you do about a guy like that? You'd hope some veteran would pull him under his wing and say something, but look at the Boston clubhouse. Could you imagine Ortiz or Manny saying something? Wakefield or Beckett (whose young but has some years under his belt)? Outside of the coaches I really don't see anyone having that sort of talk with him.

And Steve, I agree. I actually have no problems with Francona. I think he's a great manager, and a class act. If circumstances were different, I wouldn't mind having him managing in New York.

Roberto Alejandro said...

it's funny, as i was watching the game I had the same thought about the soccer style shootout with a homerun derby to determine the game. of course, a nearby NL fan was like "homeruns aren't the most important thing in baseball." But I'm assuming he said that because after Pujols there's pretty much nothing and the NL would lose. but in fairness, they'd lose anyway.

Fred Trigger said...

I think to solve this problem, they need to let managers manage like its a real game. Enough of this little league everyone has to play, and everyone has to have one representative. I'm not saying to wear down the pitchers, but 2 innings for a starter is not a lot. 4 innings wont kill them. Same goes for position players. I dont remember when it was, but a mangager in the allstar game kept Sandy Koufax (I think) in the ballgame in case of extra innings. They also need to do away with an exhibition game determining home field advantedge. Its stupid.

Fred Trigger said...

oh, and as far as papelbon....yeah. You got me there. I cant defend him, but, I think that quote was taken out of context. But, quote aside, he's still an arrogant ass.