Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cash Makes Brilliant Moves

Cashman has been making some brilliant moves thus far that have definitely bettered the team, but he has yet to land the player they really need: a starting pitcher. Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte for Ohlendorf, Tabata, Karstens, and McCutchen was a brilliant move, as we received two big league players for four on the cusp guys who may or may not pan out. Kyle Farnsworth for Pudge Rodriguez was great because Pudge is a winner, and comes from the same island as myself and Jorge Posada, which makes us all awesome. Then Cashman moves Latroy Hawkins who had been DFA'd to the Astro's for a minor league prospect. That move doesn't have an immediate impact, but the fact that he got anything for Hawkins makes it amazing. If Cashman trades Kei Igawa for Scott Kazmir there will likely be an independent investigation into Cashman's dealings.

But in all reality, the Yankees need a pitcher. Doesn't have to be an ace, just someone better than Ponson and Rasner. If Washburn doesn't pan out, which hurts the Mariners more than us, who should we try and get? Do we not make a trade and hope for the best from Hughes, Kennedy, or dare I say Carl Pavano?


raven said...

1.I believe the Catching Molina Brothers come from the same island.
2.The Yankees should trade for Tony Pena Jr. and put him on the mound. He's the only shortstop in the universe who has struck out the great I-Rod.
3.The Yankees should grab K-Rod to complete the whole set. Just imagine the sight of the AIK-Rods sitting side by side in the dougout.
4.Somebody should tell Robbie Cano Dan Uggla is not an ideal role model for 2nd base men.

raven said...

Jarrod Washburn can run around the bases.

bigjf said...

I'm guessing you'll see IPK, maybe Hughes make contributions. Pete Fat claims Hughes hit 95mph in his rehab game, which could mean he's finally back to being what got him so well hyped to begin with.

raven, Uggla has 84 homers in less than 3 full seasons, he has a career OPS of .837, .924 to this point this season, and he's pretty good fielder despite his all-star game performance...oh yeah, and he's also an all-star. I don't mean to defend him like he's my brother, but if I had a kid one day who wanted to be a 2nd baseman, I might show him some Dan Uggla footage. Not a bad player for Cano to model himself after. Could do worse.