Wednesday, July 2, 2008

O Brother Where Art Thou

As I ignore this cease and desist letter from the Cohen brothers, I figured I should update some of the goings ons. My brother is on his way to Naw 'Lins Lahweezehana and I'm not sure if he's going to update yesterday's game. Not that the Yankees deserve it. For the second night in a row they failed to muster 3 runs against the Texas Rangers. I could score three runs on Texas by myself, let alone with A-Rod batting clean up. I guess the offense is on vacation for the fourth of July. Or maybe Madonna has worn out our beloved third basemen. Hard to say. All I know is that these guys are hardly inspiring much confidence as they head into the Boston series.

Tonight Ponson faces the team that disgraced his family by the way they fired him. Will he exact his revenge? Only time will tell. I'm just waiting to see if Cashman does anything further to shore up the rotation, and the bullpen which is in tatters. With the Yankees foolishly converting Joba into a starter they had no choice but to have Mo pitch the ninth, and it cost them dearly. For shame Yankees player development, for shame!


raven said...

I think the Yankees are cursed by The Left Hand of God, aka Johan Santana.
Every Yankee rumored to be part of the trade has had a awful year.
Melky Cabrera can't hit.
Hughes, Kennedy and Wang first forgot how to pitch and then ended up on the DL.
And the slumping offence is the side effect...

Roberto Alejandro said...

hopefully last night will wake up this offense. but who knows, they're so inconsistent one can hardly pretend any one performance is a turning point. at least we're still over .500.

Fred Trigger said...

Live Blog?

Fred Trigger said...

I think you guys are right about Abreu. That was a piss poor effort on that double by drew that went over his head. I guess he's afraid of getting some air too.

Roberto Alejandro said...

No live blog today, it sucks that my brother took on this trip just as this series began, since he would likely handle that, but I'll see what I can do either tomorrow or Saturday. Besides today's live blog updates would've looked like this:




what the #@!$$&#


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And so on