Friday, July 25, 2008

The Posada Shoulder Saga Continues

I was listening to the Fan this morning and former Giants QB Phil Simms was going on about how Posada trying to stay in the line up instead of opting for surgery is selfish. Let me start by saying, #&%$@ Phil Simms. Second, it appears Posada would prefer surgery but that certain number crunchers want to try to squeeze some value out of him because of the big contract they just gave him. Let me continue by saying, #&%$@ Randy Levine. As though you haven't ever gotten anything from Posada. He's done nothing but play well for you his entire career, and you act like he's some free agent signing or worse Carl Pavano? I hope Posada kicks your arse at the next winter meetings. Then I'll kick your arse, not that I'll ever meet you, on account of your super wealthy and I'm decidedly not and we don't really hang in the same places. But if I ever see you at my barber shop on 109th and Amsterdam, it's on!

My point is, no one should look at Posada as selfish for this situation, they should want to beat up Randy Levine. Mr. Levine may feel free to guest blog a response here at RJG.


raven said...

What is Randy Levine's habit? Collecting blood diamond?

raven said...

Now Nady's here, please go get surgery, Jorge.