Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A-Rod Set to Become Reality TV Star

With the alleged appearance of an A-Rod sex tape, it is only a matter of time before A-Rod has his own reality television show. Most people know A-Rod as someone who is simply famous for being famous. Now, he will be famous for being on TV, something rare for the media shy random guy who slept with Madonna. No doubt he will soon be doing regular everyday tasks for our viewing pleasure, perhaps Madonna will join him. He could also pursue pointless physical trials on some idyllic tropical location closely monitored by health professionals so that he can then claim to be a "survivor." Hard to say, but we know that A-Rod's star is finally on the rise. He'll finally receive all that attention he's been pining for since youth, and we will all be better people as a result.

Does anyone else think all the A-Rod coverage is getting ridiculous?


raven said...

What do you want to see on TV instead? Iraqi? Iran?
I think I'll stick with A-Rod, thank you very much.
I wouldn't mind watching A-Rod and his camera crew ambushing Jeter's Midnight Pajama Party.

raven said...

BTW, Tony Pena must be very proud of his son.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's a great story Raven. I'm glad Pena's getting used somewhere.

Roberto Alejandro said...

Pena mentioned that his son had always wanted to do that, and that he was very excited for the opportunity. I forgot where I read that.