Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game

The All-Star game is an interesting event since it basically puts together the kind of teams that you dream of when playing fantasy baseball, but its also interesting in that it fails to truly engage all baseball fans. Most people don't care about the All-Star game, and even making it about home field advantage really fails to build the kind of hype this kind of game should have. So here are some ways they could make the All-Star game more interesting:

1. Instead of home field advantage, the teams play for the Yankeeography mega-set DVD collection.
2. If the National League wins, Pete Rose gets into the Hall of Fame.
3. One member of the winning team will be selected to serve as commisioner for the rest of the season.
4. The losing league has to choose Barry Bonds as their official spokesman.
5. The winning team gets to throw a pizza party after the All-Star game paid for by the losing team.
6. The losing team has to issue a public apology for their inferiority.
7. The losing pitcher gets Tommy John, whether he needs it or not.
8. The losing league has to pick up the tab on the worse contract in the opposing league (ie. Barry Zito).
9. The winning team gets street cred.
10. The winning league ensures a year off from drug testing.


cr1 said...

Normally the ASB is my official summer vacation from baseball and I spend the time on important stuff that I let slide during the season like updating my iPod and my Netflix queue. But if you can just get #3 and #4 implemented I promise to watch every minute of the whole tacky charade of this-is-showbiz-not-baseball events.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the winner of the Home Run Derby could use an aluminum bat for the rest of the season?

- I hate the HR Derby, can't believe people pay to see that nonsense.

anonymous number two said...

Clever especially like #7. And the aluminum bat idea, too. But I would limit it to the pitcher or DH.

If I promise to watch every minute will MLB stop those over-the-top (in a bad way) promotional commercials for the ASG? They could give the money saved to sick kids instead.

The ASG is baseball's version of a county fair.

Ruthie J said...

lolz @ #7.....don't scare lincencum like that...that damn prodigy....lol, that aluminum bat idea was funny too.. sports nation or whatever right? that guy got all up in a pollers grill.."Are you kidding me america!!?".... i like the all-star game, i like the homer derby too...i think its one of the more exciting aspects of the festivities. but this years contestants didnt have the pazzaz to hold my attention through out. i didnt like pujols since forever, mauer got knocked out in the swing off, honestly, after that, i didnt care who won..but the homer derby is one of my fav things to watch...maybe if a yank would particpate...idk..i hope the game isnt as long as it was last time. maybe this year our starting 3rd baseman will find it easier to stay through the whole thing..hmm??

cr1 said...

Since he'll be at home on his couch he'll probably be able to tough it out through the whole game.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yes, any or all of these ideas would help the ASG though some are better than others. All in all, I don't think I'll be watching much of it tonight.