Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now Jeter's a Great Defensive Shortstop: A Trip Around the Majors

According to this article at Yankees.com, Derek Jeter is the greatest defensive shortstop to play the game, further proving what we at the RJG already knew. The article sites a new workout plan that focuses on lateral movement and explosive strength. Of course, Jeter's old workout plan focused more on swagger and gangster leans.

Last night, the Washington Nationals had a historic night as they beat the Brewers 14-6 lead by two grandslams by Josh Willingham. You read that right, the Nationals won a game.

Speaking of winning games, the Cubs beat the Astro's in the 13th inning with a grand slam from former Yankee Alfonso Soriano. The win puts the Cubs in first by half a game over St. Louis. But now that St. Louis has Julio Lugo as their shortstop you can expect that lead to grow.

This article by Tyler Kepner at the New York Times says that the Yankees are in need of a pitcher and an outfielder. The Blue Jays are looking to move a pitcher and an outfielder. A potential fit? Probably not, since the Blue Jays want too much, but the smart money says that Cashman will make a deal before the trade deadline. I'll be curious to see who it is.

The Mets have fired their vice president for player development, Tony Bernazard, for his recent outbursts which include arguing with Mets closer K-Rod, and challenging the entire Double-A team to fist fight. I suspect he would have lost. My prediction is that he's with the Cubs before the seasons out.

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