Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is It So Crazy?

I know that the conventional wisdom is that there is no way that Halladay ends up with the Yanks, but I'm not so sure. If they're interested, they will not make that knowledge public, and I have to think they're interested. Remember when Teixeira was going to go to either Boston or Anaheim? Yeah, exactly.

The reason I think it's possible is because the Yankees are almost certainly willing to part with Joba. If the rest of the bill is a couple of minor league prospect (granted, they will be blue chips), the Yankees pull the trigger on it no question. Why wouldn't you make that trade?

This all may be a pipe dream, but I'm just not convinced that it is so crazy.


She-Fan said...

I never thought we'd end up with Tex after we got CC and AJ. So I've decided that when it comes to the Yankees, never say never.

Ruthie J said...

brilliantly said me crazy, just look at my initials ;) , but I think its a not so bad idea...its not the yanks tryna get greedy either...with wang being wang, and joba being joba.. we could use halladay being haladay..thats all I am saying.. if ever there were a perfect excuse to get him in this particular season, the cards are set up as so...i would hate to part with joba...but if blue jay GM was intrested in the idea, i can't say its an easy pass on cashman's another chat with our favorite resident ninja-gm and see what he's thinking.

Raven King said...

The Jays will NOT take Joba.
They'll insist on Hughes, Montero & Jackson.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Raven, that may be accurate, though I think they'll want another pitcher in the deal. Maybe swap Jackson for some top pitching prospect of their choosing.