Friday, July 31, 2009

Yankees Acquire Jerry Hairston Jr.

Since the greatest Yankee need was to figure out who should replace Angel Berroa the Yankees have traded for Reds Utility guy, Jerry Hairston Jr. Jerry has played several positions this season including second, short, third and the outfield. Jerry Hairston Jr. will likely slot in behind Cody Ransom and Ramiro Pena on the utility infielder depth chart, and behind Eric Hinske for the bench. Its not like we've lost a pitcher for the season or anything.


RuthieJ said...

Shelley Duncans back up according to Pete Abe. When I read that i thought he would be corner outfeilding to give damon or swisher a day off here or there while gardy was on the DL..then i take a nap, wake up a few minuets ago and see the yanks traded for another utility guy, i freaked out and thought they used Dunks as a trading chip...i am relieved he's still here..deadline a bit anti-climatic without halladay going people want blue jays to fire the GM...the minute you dont do what the public and media have been reported that you will do, its immediately of with your that the hullaballo is over with , lets get a win tonight yanks.woot!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Well, I get the impression that Ricciardi has been long wanted out of Toronto.

I'm glad we kept Shelley too. It will be great to see him in the dugout again. Hopefully he'll show some pop and stay up a little while longer.

TribeGirl said...

Hairston is pretty good - I've seen him play alot (not really a Reds fan, but I live close to Cincy, so that's my ballpark). He's come through on some big hits and is a good fielder. I don't know if the Yankees necessarily needed him, but that's my scouting report.

I'm looking forward to Shelley back in the dugout. He'll fit in great with the improved team chemistry this year. I think he's been jonesin' to get up here and hang with Swish, Burnett, and CC and raise some H$ll and and play video games!

Ricciardi can join Shapiro on the chopping block. While he's just doing the owner's bidding, the fans in Cleveland want him gone for dismantling our team. Most fans don't follow closely enough though and don't understand why these trades had to be made when they did.