Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Joba Commercial

Looks like Joba's in a new commercial for Powerade, which is pretty cool, but perhaps powerade should wait until he gets his ERA under 4, or can pitch more than 5 innings at a time before they air it. The sad thing is that he had a stretch of about 5 games where he pitched well. 4 quality starts where he pitched at least 6 innings, and one outing where he went 8 innings and allowing just 2 runs. Will he be able to get back to that? I don't know. You have to wonder with his velocity is as a starter, if he'll ever be able to be a front line starter. He certainly won't be able to if he can't pitch past the 4th, and the only way he can do that is if he can avoid getting lit up in the first couple innings. I say we give him a year before we judge whether he needs to be out of the rotation or not. Maybe he can right the ship and show that he's a front line starter, or maybe he'll reveal that he's been injured his last few starts, or maybe, just maybe we'll find out he wasn't cut out to be a starter after all. Either way, a year is more than enough time to judge his work.


Anonymous said...

You see how much stronger Phil looks this year?
Joba has a young body still. A boy's body. He is going to get stronger. He will become a man, and when he does, watch out. Toronto is going to kick our ass while Halladay is wondering why, at 34, he's pitching at 91.

Fernando Alejandro said...

See, I'm not convinced about Phil either. I think that now that he's dominating in the bullpen we think he'd make a good starter, but lets not forget his 5.45 ERA in 7 game starts this season. Nor should we forget that only 2 of his starts made it past the 5th inning. Joba looked good in the pen as well, but I'll say this: Hughes has shown more of an ability to pitch as a starter than Joba.

With Joba it isn't necessarily a matter of strength, its the fact that he doesn't throw strikes. His pitch count runs way too high, and he gets taken out in the 5th.

cr1 said...

All that their success in the pen proves to me is that both Joba and Phil can be successful in situations where two good pitches is enough, not so much when they need more.

Raven King said...

Joba was not the same after that shoulder injury last season.
Hughes may be great out of the bullpen this season, but he's still not a proven AL East starter.

anonymous number two said...

You know how pitching wins game? I am thinking that the Yanks truly don't know how to handle pitchers -Phil gets brought up way too early because of panic (and still no one knows exactly what to do with him) , Joba's true role is still undefined, Wang's rehab gets messed up twice, Posada's personality issues with so many starters, and of course (historic), Torre's endless overuse of certain arms. I wonder if it is more of a non-player issue than actual pitcher quality.