Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Supposed Leak

Rotoinfo, a fantasy website, recently posted a list of baseball players, which they claim is the infamous 2003 steroid list. Deadspin already poked holes in the authenticity of the list (Jason Grimsley's not on it), and Peter Abraham has largely discredited the report since even the main stream media has stayed away from it. The people at Rotoinfo claim it came from a reliable source, but who cares. Red Sox fans will probably be most angered by this list seeing as the first 8 players were with the Red Sox and 7 of them were on that 2004 championship team.

The thing is, stuff like this is going to happen until they actually release those names. I for one am all for the release of the list. In the meantime, we at the RJG have decided to release our own version of the leaked 2003 list. This, as always, comes from a reliable source:

1. Jason Grimsley (won't make that mistake twice)
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. The 2004 Red Sox
4. Roger Clemens
5. Sammy Sosa
6. Angel Presinal
7. Senator George Mitchell
8. Jose Canseco
9. Ted Williams
10. Carl Yastrzemsky
11. Bud Selig
12 - 104. The NFL

So there you have it. The real 2004 leaked steroid list found exclusively on RJG.


cr1 said...

Doomed to oblivion. Everybody already knows about guys #12-104.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Everyone except for football fans. I keep having them trying to convince me that testing is much more rigid in the NFL, and therefore everyone is clean. So this new list puts that argument to rest.