Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

The Roy Halladay trade talk isn't going to die down, and though I don't think the Yankees have a chance its fun to consider. Without a doubt, our rotation could use help. Burnett and Sabathia have been good, but Pettitte has been awful, and Joba can't throw a quality start to save his life. Wang did not show much progress in his starts and now he's on the DL. Aceves or the Triple A pitcher of your choosing won't be a long term solution. A guy like Roy Halladay would be a ticket to the post season. But what do you give for him? Pete Abe was speculating that a package of Joba, Montero and another prospect could get the job done. Joba has pitched himself out of the good graces of many fans, even getting booed for some of his recent performances. He may have also pitched himself back into the Joba as a starter vs. Joba as a reliever argument. You would expect to see him improve with each start, but he just doesn't. That's also why I don't think Toronto would bite. Whatever package they get, they'll need one major league ready starter in return, and don't think they'll be cheated like the Twins were for Santana. So if you were Brian Cashman, who would you offer for Halladay? Would you stay away from this deal altogether? If you were Ricciardi, who would you want to get for Halladay?


cr1 said...

If I were Ricc1ardi I'd want to grab everything in sight and make it a deal that wouldn't cause my fan base to scream for my job and my first-born.

In view of that, if I were Cashman I'd focus on Aroldis.

McCarthy said...

If I thought the Jays would actually deal with the Yanks or Sox, which I don't. I would say it would take the following:

Joba or Hughes

Montero or Romine

Austin Jackson

Another decent pitching prospect or Juan Miranda

If I were Cashman I would not give up Hughes and I would only give up A-Jax if Riccardi wanted us to eat Rios's contract. With that said, if Joba/Montero/A-Jax/Mcallister? gets a deal done for Halladay/Rios.

I would do it.

Raven King said...


Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, if they're going to trade within the division it has to be worth their while. Joba plus a couple blue chip prospects won't get the job done.