Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RJG Discusses Hinske Deal With Brian Cashman

As the Yankees have picked up their play as of our last conversation, we thought it time to give best friend of the blog Brian Cashman another call via satellite video phone. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

BC: Hello?

RJG: Hey there Bron-Bron, how are you?

BC: Bron-Bron. Great. I didn't think you guys could be more annoying. What do you want, I'm busy?

RJG: Whoa there, Bronny. Don't big time me just because your team has won 6 in a row. I was calling you back when nobody even knew who you were.

BC: You started calling me within the last two years.

RJG: Check mate.

BC: What?

RJG: Let's not fight Bronny. It seems your boys really picked you up since we last spoke. Remember? I told you you suck at your job.

BC: Yeah, it was pleasant.

RJG: Always. The offense has really come to life, and even Joe Girardi hasn't been able to foil his team with his inexplicable pitching changes. Wtf?

BC: There's no question we're playing well right now. But the season is like this, there are up times and down times, you just hope that at the end of the day the up times outnumber the down.

RJG: Are you watching Oprah right now? That sounds like something Oprah would say? What is wrong with you Bronny?

BC: I don't watch Oprah.

RJG: Whatever you say Dr. Phil. So Bronny, you just made a trade for Hinske, what kind of difference do you think this move will make?

BC: It gives us a little more depth in the outfield, and a little more pop off the bench offensively speaking.

RJG: Yeah, I was starting to worry about what we would do with only four outfielders. It just seems to me that guys like Pena and Cervelli have been hitting well enough that we didn't need to go find some .250 hitting utility outfielder.

BC: Pena and Cervelli have done a good job but . . .

RJG: So you get rid of them? Is that their "reward?"

BC: We feel Pena is better served playing every day, not riding the pine on the major league team. He's played great for us, and next year, who knows? He may be here every day.

RJG: It's not all about you, Bronny.


There you have it folks, Hinske adds depth and allows for Pena's continued development in Scranton.


Quinn said...

its never all about bronny. one day it will be

Fernando Alejandro said...

When he wins us a championship, sure, it will be all about him.