Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cliff Lee Passes His Tryout

The Good

Cliff Lee pitched a complete game, allowing four runs; two of them in the ninth. When we trade for him/sign him in the off-season, we'll be getting one hell of a pitcher.

The Bad

Phil Hughes's attempt to spark the offense by giving up at least one run an inning after the second horribly backfired. Hughes took his second loss of the season, obliterating any chance he had of becoming an all-star. He is now a pedestrian 10-2.

The Ugly

Swisher had two home runs off of Lee today. If he'd had four home runs we might have won the game. Thanks for trying, loser.

The Nick Swisher Show

Swisher leads the Yankees in home runs hit on June 29th, 2010. Those two bombs were completely pointless. You know what isn't pointless? Our raffle. Click here to find out more and to donate to the Children's Health Fund.

Posada 9hr = $18
Granderson 7hr = $14
Cano 15hr = $30
Swisher 13hr = $26
Jeter 8hr = $16
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 11hr = $22
Teixeira 13hr = $26
Thames 2hr = $4
Gardner 3hr = $6
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 2hr = $4
Total = $172

1 comment:

Rich Mahogany said...

Nick Swisher should be ashamed of himself for his flagrant stat-padding. Hitting meaningless home runs is selfish. Bunting, on the other hand, is magnanimous.