Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vasquez Revert, but Yankees Persevere

The Good

A lot can be said of Vasquez's rough start, but the releivers really kept the Yankees in the game last night. Robertson-Chamberlain-Rivera pitched a combined 4 innings with Rivera getting the two inning save.

The offense came alive scoring 6 runs to edge out the D-Backs, most prominent of which was Granderson, who went 3-5 with a homerun last night.

Also good, we're finally done with this Arizona series. Onward to LA!

The Bad

Vasquez seemed to be trending upwards, but this last start was quite the step back. Among some of the theories I propose for his bad start are that he's either afraid of snakes, and was thus pitching in fear all night long, or he still thinks he's in spring training.

The Ugly

Why were Swisher and Teixeira trying to steal bases!? We had the perfect opportunity to score early and get a decent lead, but no, these guys decide that they're modern day Rickey Henderson's and get thrown out trying to steal.

Give to Kids, Win Tickets

Donate now to the Children's Health Fund, and tell them that you were referred by the RJG blog. You'll be automatically entered into a raffle for tickets to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game on August 7 in section 223! That is in fact where the cool kids sit.

The RJG is donating $2 for every homerun hit this season to the Children's Health Fund. Last night, Sir Granderson hit a homerun to help sick children everywhere. "I wasn't really interested in hitting a homerun." Explained Granderson. "But then I thought of the children."

Posada 9hr = $18
Granderson 7hr = $14
Cano 14hr = $28
Swisher 11hr = $22
Jeter 8hr = $16
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 8hr = $16
Teixeira 12hr = $24
Thames 2hr = $4
Gardner 3hr = $6
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 2hr = $4
Total = $156


lady gaganonymous said...

The Ugly: The entire first inning

Kinda nice to play like utter doodie and get a win. Also, Mariano Rivera: good.

Rich Mahogany said...

I think The Ugly can be expanded to the entire game.

Giambi hit a walk-off homer against Papelbon last night. It's nice to see him find ways to earn his Yankee buyout money.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Haha, Giambi's agent was a genius for working that buyout money into the contract.

We did play like crap yesterday, but we have enough offensive pieces to overcome bad pitching...sometimes. I'm still concerned at how awful Teixeira is, and I suspect A-Rod is hurt.

Bob said...

Vazquez is with 2 Z... If you're going to be writing exclusively about 25 baseball players, you should probably get the names right.

Rich Mahogany said...

Normally you're right Bob, but Vazquez's name is now spelled "Vasquez" whenever he is in Arizona to make it look less foreign. If he comes back a second time he might go farther and spell it as "Smith."

Anonymous said...

So true, Rich, so true. !Dios mio!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Snippy there Bob. I'll tell you what, when Javy makes three consecutive quality starts, I'll bother to spell his name correctly. Check back then!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Though in fairness, Javy did give us three quality starts before this one so perhaps I should loosen the criteria. Actually no, three more quality starts and I'll bother to spell his name correctly.