Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not a Person, a Pitching Monster

The Good

Sabathia pitched 7 strong innings striking out 8 and only allowing 2 runs, but it should be noted that both runs were scored by the Baltimore Orioles, which really cheapens things. Cano had another multi-hit game, which at this point is pretty much the norm for him.

The Bad

Jeter was caught stealing in his only appearance on the base paths. Despite this set back, the general consensus is that the captain will be okay.

The Ugly

The Baltimore Orioles committed 3 errors yesterday which helped lead the Yankees to victory. Their new manager, who's name I don't know so will call Ripken Tejada Junior, described the mistakes. "We typically lose when we play hard, so we decided to use a new tactic: not playing hard. I figured if we play hard and lose, what's the worse that can happen if we play sloppy? We lose? Oh no!" Explained Tejada Jr. "Trembley tried to get them to play hard and look what that got him."


Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

Not a person, a pitching monster! That's what Orioles pitcher Tillman was to the Yankees as they hit no homeruns, and therefore donated nothing to children everywhere. Weak.

But you don't have to be weak like them. Donate some money to the Children's Health Fund. If you tell them you were referred by the RJG blog, they will automatically enter you to be in a raffle for tickets to the August 7 game between the Yankees and Red Sox at Yankee stadium.

Posada 6hr = $12
Granderson 3hr = $6
Cano 11hr = $22
Swisher 9hr = $18
Jeter 6hr = $12
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 8hr = $16
Teixeira 8hr = $16
Thames 2hr = $4
Gardner 3hr = $6
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 2hr = $4
Total = $122

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Rich Mahogany said...

My concern is not the Orioles' "play soft" approach, but their use of monsters on the team. Believe me, Tillman is just the beginning. I have a sense for these things.

This is all the result of RJG's posting of the Steinbrenner dinosaur interview. The Orioles' dream is to be like the Yankees but they can't afford dinosaurs. (The Yankees can't either, so they decided to make their team really old instead.) The Orioles went the bargain route and started splicing genes.