Monday, June 7, 2010

Time for Another Convo with the Bronstersaurus

With some percentage of the season behind us, and the impending draft, we thought it was a good time to fire up the old satellite video phone and give our good friend Brian Cashman a call. The following is a transcript of our conversation:

BC: Hello?

RJG: If it isn't ol' Bronny the Cash Machine Cash. How are your draft plans coming along?

BC: Good, but I'm pretty busy right now so can I ca. . .

RJG: So what round to you expect to draft me in?

BC: What?

RJG: Well, you had the chance to sign me as an international free agent to play left over the winter but you declined. I can only assume that it was because you expected to be able to draft me. Are you sure I'll still be on the board by the time 32 comes around?

BC: It's a risk we're willing to take.

RJG: I'm not sure I like your attitude, Cash. You think you're better me than me just because they wrote that 80s song about you?

BC: What song?

RJG: You know, the one that goes, "Rock the Cash bar, rock the Cash bar."

BC: That song's not about me. Those aren't even the words.

RJG: Whatever Bronny. You know what your problem is? Your ninja skills are sub par!

BC: What did you say?!

RJG: Nothing. Did you hear me say something. That's funny because I'm pretty sure I've been largely silent this whole time. Calm down, Bronny. Stop lifting furniture and throwing it. Holy $#!%. Did you just punch that cat? You just punched a cat, Bronny.

BC: I'm only going to ask this once, what did you just say?!

RJG: Um, oh look at that, it's raining. This never happens in the UK. Gotta go.

BC: You'll rue the day you crossed me, RJG!

RJG: Um, yeah. Gotta run and investigate this meteorological anomaly. Don't forget to draft me.

BC: I'll never draft you!

RJG: Now you're just being irrational. It's not all about you and your irrationality, Cash.


So there you have it folks. Bronny and company are looking forward to an eventful draft.


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cheshirecat9 said...

I don't see anything weird about this at all.

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not funny at all. leave the writing to LoHud and Bronx Banter