Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hughes Dominates While Os Abominate! Only in America!

The Good

Hughes went seven strong, only allowing one earned run. Cano hit his team leading 12th home run, further catapulting him into the madness that comes with opposite field power. Gaudin proved the Yankees absolutely right in reacquiring him with two perfect innings of relief.

The Bad

Ken Griffey, Jr. retired after 34 years in the majors. He was hitting .184 with no home runs so far this season when he decided to hang them up. It's sad that he had to go out like that, but it is what it is.

The Ugly

Did you hear about that blown call to completely obliterate a perfect game? Jim Joyce explained what happened after the game.

"So I'm standing right behind the bag so I can call the play at first. Suddenly, there are these two bees right in front of me, so I figured I could finally use my patented double backhand bee slap to get them both. Meanwhile I hear the ball get hit and I figure it's in the air or something. I mean, who grounds out to first? So I backhand smack the hell out of these two bees, right? Next thing I know Cabrera is yelling at me for calling the guy safe. But I can't back down now, my dignity's at stake. So I'm all, 'He was safe!' And he's all 'You just blew a perfect game!' And I'm all, 'It wasn't so perfect.' And that's what happened."

Cano Does It Again

Cano hit another home run, garnering $2 more for the CHF. Bullies have stopped messing with him. Consider donating to the CHF and entering the raffle. You could end up at a Yankees-BoSox game with Jay-Z. Not that Jay-Z has agreed to go with the winner, but he could be there. It's not impossible.

Posada 6hr = $12
Granderson 3hr = $6
Cano 11hr = $22
Swisher 9hr = $18
Jeter 5hr = $10
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 7hr = $14
Teixeira 8hr = $16
Thames 2hr = $4
Gardner 2hr = $4
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 2hr = $4
Total = $116


Rich Mahogany said...

As much as I hate it when Selig does just about anything, I am growing convinced that he should overturn the blown call, declare Jason Donald out, and award Galarraga a perfect game.

This is a once-in-history event that has pissed off a lot of fans. No one likes it when umpires screw up cool things in baseball. I'm sure few fans outside of Detroit care about Galarraga, but lots of fans care about baseball history being ruined by an umpire.

The fact that so many fans are so upset about this means that we should feel sorrier for Joyce than Galarraga. Joyce is now forever linked to this call. He'll get death threats and other hate mail. He's umpired for 22 years, Rivera called him the best umpire in baseball, and he's probably more distraught than we can imagine. Yes, he made an awful mistake, but his punishment will be disproportionate to the crime. Selig can help fix that by overturning the call. Taking Joyce off the hook won't free him of the embarrassment of making the call, but it could spare him some of the real hatred and nastiness that is in store for him.

I don't see any good reason for Selig not to intervene. The Indians shouldn't care because they lost the game anyway. Jason Donald would lose a hit, but he didn't get one to begin with. The Sanctity of Baseball wouldn't take a hit because this would be a one-time deal. Selig should make clear that this is a unique situation that has never happened before and probably will never happen again.

I think AJ needs to write another of his Butt Selig letters.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I think you're right about AJ. Based on the coverage I've seen, it's pretty much unanimous that Selig should reverse (1, 2, 3, 4). Apparently, however, he will not.

Jon Roberts said...

It seems to me that a college football style play review system is needed. Have an ump up in a booth at each game with a monitor so he can see replays and call time when he needs it. It shouldn't slow things down much and that stupid umps trotting off the field thing could end. I'm sure that was designed to be as obtrusive to the game as possible so people would shut up about replay. A monitor near a camera well would be the next best thing. The benefit of the college football style is that every re-viewable play would get a look. Then they could show replays on the screens in center because it would actually show what was happening on the field instead of what would happen if the ump hadn't just screwed up. It would probably be a nicer atmosphere for the umps.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I think you're right, Jon. There's no reason you can't have someone specifically designated to be watching a game from a booth somewhere so they can just go to him when there's a play that needs to be replayed. No time wasted, very simple.

Rich Mahogany said...

The replay umpire makes so much sense that it will never be instituted in MLB.

As I bet Selig is thinking, lots of people are fired up about this issue now, but give it a few weeks and bad umpiring will probably just be "part of the game" again.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I actually wonder if this issue will make Galarraga more famous than had he simply pitched a perfect game. Think about it. In the history of baseball there have only been 20something (I can't be bothered to look it up) perfect games. Besides Don Larson, I don't know a single pitcher's name who threw one save those who did it at a time I was old enough to remember. In 50 years, assuming Galarraga has an otherwise uneventful career, no one will really remember his name either. But now this game will be more infamous. It's George Brett and pine tar. It's such a monstrously blown call that people will talk about this far longer had it been another perfect game. It's more likely to become part of baseball lore. That's the best I can come up w/ as far as a silver lining.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Check this out. It's probably for sale on ebay right now.

lady gaganonymous said...

I had the top of the ninth inning on in the Cleveland/Detroit game just to see if he'd get the perfecto, and when Joyce blew that call...... maaaaaan, I just couldn't concentrate on the Yankee game any more. I was SO DEPRESSED.

Joyce and Galarraga have totally handled it with class, though. I almost cried today over that scene in Detroit when Joyce got the lineup card from him. Galarraga seems like a pretty amazing person and even though I don't like Detroit much, I'll be rooting for the guy whenever he faces a non-Yankee team.

Rich Mahogany said...

Roberto, I think you're right about the blown call making the game more memorable. I'm looking forward to the day when everyone forgets about Dallas Braden's perfect game except Dallas and his grandmother.

Why does a Staten Island Yankees coach get a World Series ring? It's bad enough that Jose Veras got one.

Fernando Alejandro said...

In fairness, we got a world series ring too.

Nathan said...

At least he got a free car out of the missed perfect game.

In other things that might be news if it wasn't expected, O's fired their manager today.