Monday, April 14, 2014

Yankees Take 3 of 4 From Boston

The Good

The Yankees showed some positive signs this weekend as they took 3 of 4 from the Red Sox.  One, the power seems to be coming to life.  Beltran hit a go-ahead 2-run homerun yesterday, and had another 2-run shot on Saturday.  McCann hit two homeruns on Saturday, Kelly Johnson hit one, and Soriano hit a homerun on back to back days Friday and Saturday.  That's 7 homeruns over the weekend.  Pitching was a little shaky early on in the weekend, but Nova pitched a gem yesterday, going 7.1 innings and allowing 2 runs.

Also a good sign, our bullpen is looking pretty strong.  Betances came in and struck out 3 on Friday, and Shawn Kelley recorded back to back saves as Roberston's replacement.

The Bad

Though there were positive signs from Sabathia and Kuroda, they ended up finishing with less than inspiring lines.  Kuroda went 6.1 innings with 4 runs, and Sabathia went 7 innings with 4 runs.  The good news is that both of these guys really began to get hit in the later innings of their starts.  Sabathia struck out 9 and had Kuroda not gone out for the 7th, he would have ended up with 6 innings and 2 runs.  So while the starts weren't great, I think they're warming up.

The Ugly

Last week we reported that someone finally had the courage to charge a baby with attempted murder.  Well the bad news is that those charges were dropped.  Now we have to live in fear that this stone cold killer is on the loose:

RJG is for the Children

The Respect Jeter's Gangster blog donates $2 for every homerun hit to the Children's Health Fund, mainly so that these kids don't grow up to become stone cold killers.  This weekend, the children had plenty to rejoice over with 2 homeruns from Beltran, McCann and Soriano each, as well as a homerun from Kelly Johnson.

Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Alfonso Soriano 3hr = $6
Kelly Johnson 3hr = $6
Carlos Beltran 3hr = $26
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 2hr = $4

Total 12hr = $24

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