Friday, April 18, 2014

Yankees Top Rays, Sabathia Looks Good in Start

The Good

The Yankee offense was sharp against David Price.  Soriano, McCann, and Solarte all hit homeruns, Ellsbury and Roberts each had triples, and the Yankees won the game 10-2.  The best part of the game was Sabathia's start.  He lasted 7 innings, giving up 2 runs (1 earned), and threw a pitch that started a triple play, turned by Solarte, Roberts, and Sizemore.  It was Sizemore's first start at first base.

The Bad

Dellin Betances pitched two innings of shutout relief.  That's good.  However, I watched him throw 3-straight balls, to 4 different batters, before deciding to throw some strikes and get the outs.  And that basically sums up Betances so far.  Great stuff, but can't always find the strike zone.

The Ugly

Last night Yankee fans across the globe watched in horror as their most productive hitter ran full speed into the stands while tracking a fly ball.  Beltran took quite the tumble, but stayed in the game.  Though it was an ugly site, it was impressive to see that level of grit. 

The Bombers Support the Babies

As mentioned before, Soriano, McCann and Solarte each hit homeruns adding $6 to the Children's Health Fund's bank account.  Now they can finally stop adding water to Robitussin to make more Robitussin, and can just buy some new Robitussin.

Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Alfonso Soriano 4hr = $8
Kelly Johnson 3hr = $6
Carlos Beltran 4hr = $8
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 3hr = $6
Yangervis Solarte 1hr = $2

Total 17hr = $34

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