Friday, July 11, 2008

In Fairness, We Faced Halladay

The Yanks mustered two hits tonight, but in fairness, we were facing Roy Halladay. Joba didn't deserve a loss, but that's life. Moose should've won yesterday, but he didn't because the offense felt that it was only fair that they play the way they were when they were originally in Pittsburgh.

The A-Rod divorce continues to be big news in New York. Keeps us from noticing the stock market tanking and whining about it. I have to assume that the lack of offense is a direct result of the divorce filing. It's hard to hit when you're thinking, "Man, that dude just lost $150M. I've never even seen $150M. I wonder if you can swim in that much money?"

A-Rod will be okay, and in fairness, Cynthia does serve as his hitting coach in the off-season and is a big reason he was able to sign so large a contract. But why lament the unfairness of it all? I hear A-Rod didn't sign a prenup, which if that is true, he has earned the loss of half his money. Really A-Rod? No prenup and you're out doing all that nonsense? Maybe you shouldn't have signed a major league contract right out of high school.

I just got the new blu-ray of Batman Begins, thanks to my wealthy brother, and it has the first five minutes of the Dark Knight and it looks incredible. I thought it was weird that they kill off both the Joker and Batman in the first two minutes, and that the next three consist of credits, but why question a genius like Christopher Nolan?


Anonymous said...

The Yankees offence can't beat 3A pitchers, so it's all but natural that they looked like Little League hitters in front of the Great Doc Halladay, who chose "Holiday" to be his Entrance Song for A-Rod's sake.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Alfonso Soriano is out of the National League All-Star roster.
Why is Ortiz still there?
He should give his spot to another player.
Papelbon and Varitek should give up their spots too.

Anonymous said...

Harry Leroy "Roy" Halladay III.
Well, that's a lot of rs.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Halladay was more than stellar, but its no surprise that the Yankees were his victims. They gave up pretty early it seemed. The 7th was a 2 pitch 2 out inning as A-Rod and Giambi swung and popped up the first pitches they saw. Really awful game.