Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tough Loss But Some Good Signs

So we got our arses handed to us by the Angels yesterday. We may be in for a few days of this as our new starting catcher is still learning the pitchers and the signs. I'm sure half the game was Pudge thinking, "why does Andy throw a slider everytime I call for a fastball," and Andy thinking, "why is pudge calling for a knuckle ball? I don't throw a knuckle ball!" That will pass though, eventually the pitchers and the new catcher will be on the same page. We did score six runs last night, and as long as the offense continues to perform this team will be okay. If only we had a fourth reliable pitcher.


Anonymous said...

Good Andy and Bad Andy
Perfect Mo and non-save situations Mo
Sober Sidney and sky high ERA Sidney
Magical Moose and hunting season Moose
Meet the leading characters of the Yankees musical "Dr Jackal And Mr Hyde", guys.

Anonymous said...

"Don't expect Wang coming to the rescue on a white horse."
Ken Singleton can be a Nobel Prize writer.